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Arjin (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Playing God (#2.17)" (1994)
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Arjin, if you truly want to become a Trill host someday, you'll never call me 'ma'am' again.
Arjin: Yes... Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Why don't you try 'Jadzia'?
Arjin: If you think that's appropriate.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Oh, I'm sure it isn't appropriate at all. But then I hate to be appropriate.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: You don't know me as well as you think you do. I'm sure you looked at all the training profiles. But that doesn't tell you who Jadzia really was before she was joined. She was the quietest, shyest, most withdrawn young woman you've ever known - brilliant, top grades... and not a clue to what life was about. She'd never lived outside the program. And it didn't matter because she was sailing through it. Until she met Curzon Dax. Curzon sized her up in about twenty seconds, and made the next two weeks the most miserable of her life. She cried herself to sleep every night. She hated him for it. But when the field training was over and she learned about Curzon's recommendation to terminate her from the program, she went back a different woman. She found her voice and reapplied. She tore through the program with a passion, a vengeance. And in the end the administrators chose her for joining.
Arjin: How did you wind up with the Dax-symbiont?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: When I found out Curzon was dying, I requested the Dax-symbiont.
Arjin: And Curzon didn't object?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: No. Then I've never been sure quite why - except, as I've come to know Curzon's dark sense of humor, I have a feeling the irony might have appealed to him.

Arjin: You're nothing like I expected.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: I'm nothing like I expected. Life after life, with each new personality stampeding around in your head, you get desires that scare you, dreams that used to belong to someone else.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: You haven't touched your racht.
Arjin: No, I have, er... It's interesting.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: No, you've moved around your plate to make it look like you've touched it.
Arjin: I didn't have to move it. It moved itself.

Arjin: Never trust a Trill, Quark.
Quark: Why not?
Arjin: [sighs] They're... two-faced.
Quark: That go for all Trills or just for the ones with the worm?
Arjin: Any worm named Dax.

[Quark tells Arjin how he once carelessly threw away a promising career]
Arjin: How did you recover?
Quark: Never did. Look at me, tending bar out here in Wormhole Junction while the big boys fly by me at warp speed. You only get one shot at the latinum stairway. If you miss it... you miss it. Welcome to the club, son.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Jadzia Dax is not Curzon Dax. But I am Dax. And I'm slowly coming to terms with what that means to me. Sometimes it means gambling or wrestling; sometimes it means waking up an initiate, before he slides into the middle of the pack and gets overlooked.
Arjin: [surprised] You're giving me another chance?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: You are the only one who can give yourself another chance. You can't simply do this anymore, to meet other people's expectations - not your father's, not your teachers', and not mine. You need to discover what Arjin wants out of life, out of joining.