Blakeney, Midshipman
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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Mr Blakeney, it would appear that you have the makings of a naturalist.
Blakeney: Well, sir, perhaps I could combine them to be a sort of... fighting naturalist, like you, sir.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: They don't combine too well, I find. Right...
[about to get up even though he's still recovering from injury]
Blakeney: Should you really be getting up, sir?
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Mr Blakeney, are you also a doctor?
Blakeney: No, sir.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: No, you're not.
[gets up]

Blakeney: Tie your neck bands on your right upper arm to tell friend from foe.
Blakeney: [pointing] Davies, this arm. Starboard arm.
Awkward Davies, Able Seaman: Is that the one you got or the one you don't got?
Blakeney: All right, that's enough cheek, Davies.

Blakeney: Sir, I think we should be getting back.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Naval discipline doesn't operate out here, Mr. Blakeney. I must find a cormorant. And should it indeed prove flightless, you can join me at the Royal Society dinner as codiscoverer.

Capt. Jack Aubrey: I'm sorry you had to leave the majority of your collection behind, Stephen.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: In actual fact, Mr. Blakeney and I did make one very interesting find.
[Hands Jack a small stick of wood]
Capt. Jack Aubrey: Is that right?
[looks at it]
Capt. Jack Aubrey: Let me guess: a stick?
[Stephen chuckles and hands him a magnifying glass. Jack looks at the stick through the glass, then squints in wonder]
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Tell him about it, Mr. Blakeney.
Blakeney: It's a rare phasmid, sir.
Capt. Jack Aubrey: A phasmid?
Blakeney: It's an insect that disguises itself as a stick, to confuse its predators.