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Valerian Mengsk (Character)
from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010) (VG)

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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (2013) (VG)
Sarah Kerrigan: [arriving on Hyperion's bridge, after escaping the lab] Jim? Jim... where's Jim?
Valerian Mengsk: We... couldn't get him out.
Sarah Kerrigan: Valerian...
[Kerrigan lashes out with her psi powers, strangling Valerian]
Sarah Kerrigan: You left him behind?
[Two Marines arm their weapons, moving in; Kerrigan immobilizes them with her powers]
Matt Horner: Stand down! Let him go, Kerrigan! Valerian is helping us.
Sarah Kerrigan: There IS no 'us'!
[Kerrigan hurls both Marines across the room]
Hyperion crewman: [klaxons ring] IFF negative! Multiple hostiles inside the perimeter!
[a Dominion fleet comes out of warp space and opens fire on Hyperion and her escorts]
Matt Horner: Scramble tac response squads three through nine! Defensive manuever delta-four! Prep all stations for jump!
Sarah Kerrigan: [hearing this, releases Valerian] No one is going anywhere until I see Jim!
Matt Horner: [on commlink] Dominion fleet, this is Hyperion! Cease fire! Crown Prince Valerian is aboard!
Valerian Mengsk: My father will sacrifice any piece on the chessboard to take the queen...
Matt Horner: We have to jump now! We'll lead them away and circle back for Jim.
[Kerrigan storms away]
Matt Horner: Sarah... we need to work together!
Sarah Kerrigan: Do what you want. I'm going to find Jim.

Sarah Kerrigan: I'm going to Korhal. It's time.
Matt Horner: Why are you telling us this, Kerrigan?
Sarah Kerrigan: There will be ruin, destruction. Millions could die amid the chaos. Valerian, your people will need a leader.
Valerian Mengsk: You're right, Kerrigan, they will. If I'm to be that leader, I'll ask only one thing of you: bring your swarm down outside the city. That will give us time to evacuate.
Sarah Kerrigan: Korhal is going to be the most difficult battle of my life - and you're asking me to make it harder?
Valerian Mengsk: I am.
Sarah Kerrigan: ...I was wrong about you, Valerian. You're not like your father. I'll give you your chance. Make the most of it.

[Kerrigan contacts the Hyperion]
Valerian Mengsk: Jim is doing well. He's in the med-bay. But I don't think he wants to talk to anyb...
Sarah Kerrigan: I'm here to talk to you, Valerian. You understand that I'm going to Korhal soon?
Valerian Mengsk: I do. You plan to kill my father.
Sarah Kerrigan: He's had this coming for a long time. I need to know where you stand.
Valerian Mengsk: I stand for my people. I've accepted that my father is beyond redemption, and must be removed from power.
Sarah Kerrigan: I'm glad we understand each other.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010) (VG)
Arcturus Mengsk: Valerian! I've just received a report you've taken half the fleet! Care to explain yourself, boy?
Valerian Mengsk: Father, I am about to accomplish that which you never could. Today I will defeat the Queen of Blades and secure peace throughout the Dominion. By this act the people will finally know that I am a worthy successor to you.
Arcturus Mengsk: I love your gumption, son, but you're in way over your head. What makes you think you have the experience to...
Jim Raynor: He ain't alone, Arcturus!
Arcturus Mengsk: Raynor. I don't know what gutter my son fished you out of, but even you've got to realize that treacherous bitch cannot be saved... And neither can you.
Jim Raynor: We'll see about that, and when this is over, you and me got a score to settle.