Major Robert Rogers
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Major Robert Rogers (Character)
from "Northwest Passage" (1958)

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"Northwest Passage: Stab in the Back (#1.23)" (1959)
Major Robert Rogers: Llewellyn, you're rusty. All of you new men, fighting the French and the Indians is dirty, mean. The only way you'll stay alive is to be more cussed than they are!

[Towne plans to question the trading post owner's beautiful daughter]
Major Robert Rogers: Don't forget - that scouting party of yours leaves in one hour, Ensign Towne.
Ensign Langdon Towne: You'd be surprised what I can do in an hour, Major. It's, ah, one of the benefits of a college education.

[last lines]
Sergeant Hunk Marriner: You know, it beats me how a puny, adle-headed college boy like him makes all the she-males jump through hoops. How you account for it, Major?
Major Robert Rogers: No accounting - but next time, you better find one on our side.
Ensign Langdon Towne: I guess you're right, Major... but it was sure fun while it lasted!

"Northwest Passage: The Secret of the Cliff (#1.17)" (1959)
Audrey Bonay: The French believe me to be one of their most reliable agents.
Major Robert Rogers: Are you?
Audrey Bonay: Yesss - with the blessings of British army headquarters.

Audrey Bonay: I was paid 5000 dollars to find where the French are hiding Captain Stoddard and to try to contact him. Does that answer your question?
Major Robert Rogers: That's a lot of money, Audrey. I hope you live to enjoy it.
Audrey Bonay: I intend to, Major.

"Northwest Passage: Vengeance Trail (#1.14)" (1958)
Major Robert Rogers: Last year, I visited Akacita. He struck me as a man whose first thoughts were for the safety of his people.
Joe Waters: It's different now! I'm telling you...
Major Robert Rogers: Waters, I like to be sure a man's an enemy before I start a fight.

[last lines]
Major Robert Rogers: Akacita has canceled your debt; we can, too. The door's open, Joe.

"Northwest Passage: The Witch (#1.22)" (1959)
Reba Morris: I'll take the blood off your jacket. It's such a nice green.
Major Robert Rogers: What do you know about green jackets, Reba?
Reba Morris: That they're worn by brave men who are feared by the Algonquins.

[last lines]
Major Robert Rogers: I'm a soldier, Gant, not a preacher. You tell them for me - tell them they let their emotions rule their minds. They allowed bigotry to endanger the life of an old woman and a girl. Tell them the name of this settlement is *Harmony*.
Gant: I'll tell them, Major.

"Northwest Passage: Surprise Attack (#1.4)" (1958)
Major Robert Rogers: Ensign Towne knows we've been planning an attack. Black Wolf catches him, he'll torture him until he talks.

"Northwest Passage: Death Rides the Wind (#1.19)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Rogers contracted smallpox and was placed in isolation]
Sergeant Hunk Marriner: How are your feelin', Major?
Major Robert Rogers: Well, how would you feel after two weeks of solitary confinement?
Sergeant Hunk Marriner: That would depend if I was gettin' out or not.
Major Robert Rogers: I'm getting out.
Sergeant Hunk Marriner: Welll... if you're gettin' out, we're comin' in!