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Quotes for
Fatty Arbuckle (Character)
from "Hollywood Babylon" (1992)

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The Butcher Boy (1917)
Fatty: [continuously chops a piece of meat that weighs the same due to his leaning on the scale] I must be losing my touch. This is a heavy pound of beef.

Fatty: [filling up Buster's molasses bucket, he walks off with it] Aren't you forgetting something?
[the quarter]
Buster: [points to the bucket] It's in there.

Fatty: [to Alum] Try not to snort while you're slurping.

Fatty: [dressed up as girls] Aren't you worried about splitting your mouth open even wider than it already is?
Alum: Don't worry about me, Sister.

Coney Island (1917)
Fatty: [about the life guard] That's the Statue of Liberty's husband.

Fatty: Put this man in the same cell with me.

Fatty, Old Friend of Fatty's Wife: RESOLVED: "That women were the cause of all our trouble. From now on we cut them out. We stand one for all and all for one.

Love (1919)
Cook: Well, I may be fat but at least I'm pretty!
Fatty: Yeah. Pretty fat!