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Todd (Character)
from A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
[Martin's friends tease David around the pool]
Todd: He's Mecha.
David: What's Mecha?
Todd: We're organic, your mechanical. Orga, Mecha. Orga, Mecha. Orga, Mecha.
Martin Swinton: Todd, stop!
Todd: I didn't even know they made little kids. Can you pee?
Todd: I cannot.
Kid: Then let's see what you can't pee with.
[the kids all laugh as they try to check under David's shorts]

[Martin's friend Todd takes a knife to David's arm to see if he can feel pain]
Todd: Does he have DAS?
Martin Swinton: DAS what?
Kid: [one of the kids says in German] This is good!
Todd: [the kid Todd chuckles] Damage Avoidance System. DAS. It's a pain alert system. Our service man has it. It's so they don't go picking up fire with their bare hands. Watch. Watch this.
Todd: [the kid Todd grabs a cutting knife, holding it to David's arm] Now, I'm not gonna cut you. This isn't gonna hurt. I'm not gonna cut your skin. Just tell me when you feel it.
David: [the kid pokes the knife into David's arm, David feels it immediately, as David turns to hide behind Martin, grabbing onto him, walking backwards with him] Keep me safe, Martin. Keep me safe. Keep me safe, Martin. Keep me safe.