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Sergeant Samuel Redford (Character)
from Battlefield: Bad Company (2008) (VG)

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Battlefield: Bad Company (2008) (VG)
Sweetwater: Sarge, Haggard's running away again!
Redford: Hold on, something ain't right.
Sweetwater: I know, look at him, he runs like a girl.
Redford: No, not that. I'm talking about something else.

Sweetwater: Saaaarge, Haggard's running away again!
Redford: Well, look at that...
Sweetwater: I know! He runs like a girl!

Haggard: Darn it, I just remembered I traded my last piece of beef jerky.
Sweetwater: For what?
Haggard: Cigarettes... but I don't smoke. So I traded them for a tube of back cream.
Redford: You got back problems?
Haggard: No... I was hoping the guy with my beef jerky would want it.