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Villamax (Character)
from "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" (1999)

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"Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Heir to the Throne (#1.21)" (1999)
Trakeena: I'm Trakeena, daughter of Scorpius, I don't need your help.
Kegler: She doesn't want any part of us, Villamax. Now, let's go.
Villamax: A REAL daughter of Scorpius's would be able to fight better than that.
Kegler: Very good point.
Trakeena: I AM his daughter! He wanted to turn me into a bug and I wouldn't have it.

Villamax: Come, let me train you, and I guarantee that, when we're finished, the universe will shudder at the name "Trakeena."

Trakeena: You broke one of my fingernails!
Villamax: Great! Only nine more to go.

Villamax: What took you so long?
Trakeena: I wanted to show off a bit.

"Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Blue to the Test (#1.25)" (1999)
Villamax: [explaining Kegler's scientific ramble] What he's trying to say is that the Terra Venture is getting close to that star. If they were to somehow lose power, the gravity would suck them right into it.
Trakeena: [thinking] They'd burn up in a star.
Villamax: Exactly.
Trakeena: [grinning delightedly] Huh. What a shame.

"Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Chameliac Warrior (#1.29)" (1999)
Villamax: This will finally put an end to those kaleidoscopic kooks.