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Lady Edwina Esketh (Character)
from The Rains Came (1939)

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The Rains Came (1939)
Lady Edwina Esketh: You sober enough to take me to the party?
Thomas 'Tom' Ransome: [taking a drink] Almost.

Lady Edwina Esketh: Some night you're going to fall flat on your face and people will begin to suspect you drink.

Lady Edwina Esketh: I've been hearing dreadful things about you. It seems you've become a shockingly useful citizen.

Lady Edwina Esketh: [Noticing a handsome Indian man at a nearby table] Who's the pale copper Apollo?
Thomas 'Tom' Ransome: Major Safti.
Lady Edwina Esketh: Not bad - not bad at ALL.
Thomas 'Tom' Ransome: Well, don't waste your time. He's a surgeon and a scientist. Any interest he *might* have in romance is purely biological.
Lady Edwina Esketh: You make him sound even MORE exciting.

Lady Edwina Esketh: What would you prescribe for a patient about to die of galloping boredom?
Major Rama Safti: Well, I imagine that the Maharani will see to it that you're properly entertained.
Lady Edwina Esketh: How?
Major Rama Safti: Well, the usual routine with guests, I believe, is to show them first the waterworks, then, in order, the narrow gauge railway, the hospital, the zoo, and the asylum for the insane.
Lady Edwina Esketh: [slight sarcasm] How exciting.
Major Rama Safti: Yes, isn't it?

Lady Edwina Esketh: [Speaking to Tom Ransome] That's why we didn't get on. You've always wanted a woman to treat you like a god. *I* treated you as if you were just as bad as myself.

Thomas 'Tom' Ransome: Edwina... I'm afraid I've come to spill jam on your party dress.
Lady Edwina Esketh: What do you mean?
Thomas 'Tom' Ransome: The Maharani is sending you away in the morning.

Fern Simon: [Lady Esketh is giving away her jewels to Fern] But I can't take them.
Lady Edwina Esketh: Don't be an idiot. If you and Tom have children, your son might be the Earl of Nolan. He'd have a wife, and she could wear them to boring dinner parties, and tell how they'd been left to her by a shameless wench called Lady Esketh, who died in Ranchipur during the Great Disaster of 1938. We're such snobs at home. We like stories like that.