Sophia Maguire
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Sophia Maguire (Character)
from "The Event" (2010)

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"The Event: To Keep Us Safe (#1.2)" (2010)
President Elias Martinez: I'm done. The deal's off. You're going back to Inostranka. You and your people will stay there until I get the truth.
Sophia Maguire: That would be a mistake, Mr. President. My people have been waiting for 66 years. Their patience is running out.
President Elias Martinez: Is that a threat?
Sophia Maguire: You wanted the truth. I'm giving it too you.

"The Event: I Haven't Told You Everything (#1.1)" (2010)
[last lines]
Sophia Maguire: They saved us.
President Elias Martinez: Who? Who saved us?
Sophia Maguire: I haven't told you everything...