Howard McLaughlin
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Howard McLaughlin (Character)
from Flicka (2006)

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Flicka (2006)
Howard McLaughlin: You can have Chariot.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: It's not the same thing.
Howard McLaughlin: Well, four legs and a tail. Food goes in the front, out the back.

Howard McLaughlin: Dad.
Rob McLaughlin: Don't.
Howard McLaughlin: I'm sorry. I really screwed up.
Rob McLaughlin: Look at me. You're a good man.
Howard McLaughlin: Yes sir.
Rob McLaughlin: Now just stay with your mother.
Howard McLaughlin: Yes sir.

Nell McLaughlin: [At breakfast] And for your dining pleasure, gentlemen: Wild gooseberry pancakes with crème fraiche and rosemary chicken sausage.
Rob McLaughlin: Well, who lives better than us?
Howard McLaughlin: Uh, let me think... the Rockefellers?

Howard McLaughlin: Hey, keep your voice down!
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Nobody can hear us way out here.
Howard McLaughlin: You didn't know? He's got hidden cameras and microphones everywhere!
[Pretends to use a walkie-talkie in the fence post]
Howard McLaughlin: Can you read me, Dad? Over. What's that? Yeah, yeah Dad, I'll tell her. Okay. Over and out. He said he doesn't need me. He said you're the one he needs... he just doesn't realize it yet.

Rob McLaughlin: [to Howard about the herd of horses] How do they look?
Howard McLaughlin: Well... pretty much the same as yesterday.
Rob McLaughlin: Well, that can change in a heartbeat.
Howard McLaughlin: Right.
Rob McLaughlin: You know, animals are a lot like us, son. They'll always find a way to tell you exactly how they're feeling. You've just gotta learn to listen to 'em.

Miranda Koop: [to the horse that Howard is bringing to the stall] Hey, handsome.
Howard McLaughlin: [jokes that she was calling him that] Oh, thanks. What do you think about the horse?

Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [tearfully, to Howard about him leaving for Boston University] And now you're going away.
Howard McLaughlin: Come on. I'm changing time zones, not solar systems.

Rob McLaughlin: [to Nell] I didn't see the vet bill.
Nell McLaughlin: [trying to change the subject at dinner] Does someone wanna grab this last burger?
Rob McLaughlin: How much?
Nell McLaughlin: [still trying to change the subject] You know what I've been thinking about lately? If quitters never win, why are you supposed to quit while you're ahead?
Howard McLaughlin: [playing along] Or, how good can a bedtime story be if it's supposed to put you to sleep?
Nell McLaughlin: Right.
Rob McLaughlin: How much?
Nell McLaughlin: $1,648.32.
Rob McLaughlin: $1,600? That's just unacceptable.
Nell McLaughlin: Well, I'll speak to the horses.
Rob McLaughlin: I don't remember my daddy ever giving horses shots. They were healthy, they took care of themselves. Ain't that right, Gus?
Gus: Oh, sure. Back then, horses mucked their own stalls, nailed on their own shoes, even chipped in with the rent money.

Nell McLaughlin: [to Rob] Unload Flicka before you look like a damn fool!
Rob McLaughlin: What's wrong with you?
Nell McLaughlin: You made this decision without me because you know it's wrong!
[selling Flicka to the rodeo]
Rob McLaughlin: I'm done discussing this.
Howard McLaughlin: [to Rob] Well, I'm not done. Katie found Flicka, she should decide!
[If she wants to keep her]
Rob McLaughlin: Until you're running this ranch, I'll make the decisions around here!
Howard McLaughlin: I don't wanna run your ranch!
[shoves Rob]
Nell McLaughlin: Howard!
Howard McLaughlin: No! I'm sick of this place! You know what? I've given it a lot of thought and guess what? I'm never gonna be a rancher. Never. I wanna go to college.
Nell McLaughlin: Why didn't you say anything?
Howard McLaughlin: 'Cause this is what you wanted me to do. Katie wants this ranch. I don't want any part of it.
Rob McLaughlin: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: The people have spoken.
Howard McLaughlin: No, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [to Rob] But you said if I don't get back into school then...
Rob McLaughlin: Yes, that's what I said and I meant it.
Howard McLaughlin: So Dad sent them your essay.
Rob McLaughlin: Told 'em I didn't know much about writing, but I sure as heck know about the west and so does my daughter and it's right there in her essay. Every opinionated, ornery, hot-blooded part of it.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: What did they say?
Nell McLaughlin: What does anyone say to your father?
Howard McLaughlin, Nell McLaughlin: Yes, sir!
[all laugh]

Nell McLaughlin: Hey, Howard! Where's your dad at?
Howard McLaughlin: Don't ask.
Nell McLaughlin: Something Katie did?
Howard McLaughlin: You guessed it.
Nell McLaughlin: So? How bad? Give me a category.
Howard McLaughlin: Oh, I don't think he made a category for this one, yet.