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Quotes for
Peter Hatcher (Character)
from "Fudge" (1995)

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"Fudge: Fudge-a-mania (#1.1)" (1995)
Peter Hatcher: [after Mrs. A's news about the baseball game with Big A] Yahoo! This is gonna be the best news of the century!
Farley Drexel 'Fudge' Hatcher: [mumbling sadly] But what about Uncle Feather?

Farley Drexel 'Fudge' Hatcher: Guess what, Pete?
Peter Hatcher: What?
Farley Drexel 'Fudge' Hatcher: I'm getting married tomorrow.
Peter Hatcher: Get married? Isn't this kind of sudden?
Farley Drexel 'Fudge' Hatcher: No.
Peter Hatcher: Well, who's the lucky bride?
Farley Drexel 'Fudge' Hatcher: Sheila Tubman!
Peter Hatcher: Sheila Tubman? What? You're marrying the Queen of Cooties?
Farley Drexel 'Fudge' Hatcher: You bet!
[hoots and hollers triumphantly]

Peter Hatcher: [groaning despairingly as he is out after he finally gets a hit at the baseball game] Oh, no! Thrown out by my grandmother! My own grandmother had thrown me out at first base! Oh, noooooooooooo!