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Grandmother (Character)
from Heidi (1993) (TV)

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Heidi (1937)
Pastor Schultz: I do not know this Adolph Kramer, but the village thinks that the child should be taken away from him.
Blind Anna: You have just come to Dörfli, Herr Pastor, or you'd understand why.
Pastor Schultz: They say you have known Kramer for 50 years. What sort of a man is he?
Blind Anna: Who knows? He was a grand young man, except for his wild temper. And his son grew up just like him. Tobias wanted to marry a girl from Mayenfeld. Adolph disliked her and forbade it, but the boy married her just the same and brought her home. Adolph turned them away in a rage and told Tobias never to come back until he'd given up the girl.
Pastor Schultz: But why should the village hate him and fear him so?
Blind Anna: Feuds and weeds grow quickly, Herr Pastor. The people of the village sided with the boy and the father cursed them and went and built himself a hut on the mountain. Since that day, he's never spoken to a living soul.
Pastor Schultz: Frau Anna, is the child safe with him?
Blind Anna: God knows. Living alone like that has made him a strange creature.

Pastor Schultz: If a man have a hundred sheep and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine and goeth into the mountains and seeketh that which hath gone astray? And if...
[Heidi and her grandfather enter the church. Pastor Schultz pauses]
Blind Anna: Peter, what is it?
Peter the Goat Boy: The Grandfather and Heidi have come to church.
Pastor Schultz: And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoices more of that sheep than of the ninety and nine which went not astray.

Peter the Goat Boy: Here comes the Grandfather now.
Blind Anna: So the old eagle has come down from his perch.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: It was lonely for Heidi.
Blind Anna: Adolph, you're an old fraud.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Don't give me away.