Jake Lonergan
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Biography for
Jake Lonergan (Character)
from Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

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Jake Lonergan is the main character in the film Cowboys & Aliens. Lonergan is played by Daniel Craig.

At the beginning of the film, Lonergan awakes in the desert with a strange wound on his abdomen, and almost no memory. The few memories that he does possess are flashbacks involving a beautiful woman. He wears a strange metallic bracer on one arm, which he is unable to remove. When three bounty hunters find him and try to take him into custody, he kills all three of them.

Lonergan rides into a local town, where he seeks out medical treatment and some clue to his identity. he befriends a preacher named Meacham, (played by Clancy Brown) who befriends him and cares for his wound. He confides in Meacham that he has almost no memory. When Meacham asks what he knows, Lonergan replies "English." Despite Meacham's warning, Lonergan gets involved in a scuffle that draws the attention of the local sherriff. The Sherriff recognizes Lonergan's face from a wanted poster.

Later, Lonergan meets a strange woman named Ella Swenson(Olivia Wilde) who takes an immediate interest in him, and the bracelet he wears. She drops hints that she needs him to help her with something highly important, but the Sherriff arrives to arrest him before they can finish their discussion. During the ensuing scuffle, Lonergan is knocked out by Ella.

When Lonergan awakes, the Sherriff hands him a 'wanted' poster with a drawing of Lonergan's face, his name, and the epiphet "SCOURGE A' THE TERRITORY." This is Lonergan's first clue as to his identity. The Sherriff enumerates several of the charges against him, including arson, robbery, and murder.


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