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Quotes for
Dave (Character)
from "Code Monkeys" (2007)

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"Code Monkeys: Wizard of Woz (#1.1)" (2007)
Steve Wozniak: Dave, are you sleeping in a dead donkey like a taun-taun?
Dave: Uh, yeah.
Steve Wozniak: I love it!

Dave: What's up dude?
Jerry: Dude, I just dropped a deuce in the brownie bowl!

Dave: Dude, you are never gonna bone her. The door is closed. Mary, tell him you're unboneable. The door is locked. But wait, maybe the backdoor isn't. Knock Knock!

Jerry: [to Todd] Were you just talking to your mom about nacho cheese?
Todd: Mother and I share many passions, one of which happens to be *our* passion for nachos, the other, my passion for her.
Dave: Wow. That is really creepy Todd. When we find out how many people are buried in your basement, are we going to be more shocked or more dissapointed by the number?
Todd: [annoyed] What do you a-holes want?

"Code Monkeys: E.T. (#1.2)" (2007)
Dave: You know what I did do? I went to a strip club. Do any of you know what that means? That means I saw naked women. And they shook their asses this close to my face, for money. Sure I coulda gone to that movie. But then I wouldn't have seen all those naked women, at the strip club, with the boobs, in my face. Now ask yourselves, can you blame me? And isn't that what you would have wanted me to do in the first place?