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Quotes for
Dorothy Hilton (Character)
from Call It a Day (1937)

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Call It a Day (1937)
Dorothy Hilton: You're putting on weight.
Roger Hilton: The coat's shrunk.
Dorothy Hilton: So have all your coats it seems.
Roger Hilton: Now look here, I can prove to you that...
Dorothy Hilton: Well, you prove it to the bathroom scales.
Roger Hilton: I frequently consult the scales.
Dorothy Hilton: Yes, but you don't pay any attention to what they say.

Dorothy Hilton: What? Give up my children?
Frank Haines: You've had them long enough, haven't you? Well, divide them up then.
Dorothy Hilton: I couldn't do that. There are three of them. It wouldn't come out even.

Frank Haines: Woman are on a higher plain than men.
Dorothy Hilton: I'm not, that's certain. Or I wouldn't be letting you talk to me like this.

Dorothy Hilton: What time is it? You're beginning to think I haven't any family. Not even a husband.
Frank Haines: Does he beat you?
Dorothy Hilton: What?
Frank Haines: Does he beat you?
Dorothy Hilton: Who, Roger? Good heavens, no!
Frank Haines: Oh, but he must. It's only fair. You're desperate and unhappy and I've come to your rescue. That's the way it's got to be.
Dorothy Hilton: Oh, you're really a most difficult man!