Dr. Hans Fallada
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Dr. Hans Fallada (Character)
from Lifeforce (1985)

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Lifeforce (1985)
Colonel Colin Caine: But I understand your real interest is...
Dr. Hans Fallada: Death, Colonel Caine, correct. Thanatology's the name for it. Death for you, Colonel, is a bureaucratic problem. Who did it. When, why did they do it. A problem to be solved, am I correct?
Colonel Colin Caine: And for you?
Dr. Hans Fallada: Well, I'm fascinated by death itself. What happens as we die, when we die. What happens after we die.

Dr. Hans Fallada: Don't worry. A naked girl is not going to get out of this complex.

Dr. Hans Fallada: I mean, in a sense we're all vampires. We drain energy from other life forms. The difference is one of degree. That girl was no girl. She's totally alien to this planet and our life form... and totally dangerous.

Dr. Hans Fallada: It was two hours ago that the guard was attacked. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we're seeing a pattern here.

Colonel Colin Caine: Supposing you're right about all of this. What about that ship up there. What's it doing?
Dr. Hans Fallada: We can't know that. But we've got to assume the worst.

Dr. Hans Fallada: She's totally dangerous.

[last lines]
Dr. Hans Fallada: Here I go.

Colonel Colin Caine: You mean life after death?
Dr. Hans Fallada: Yes.
Colonel Colin Caine: Is there?
Dr. Hans Fallada: What?
Colonel Colin Caine: Life after death?
Dr. Hans Fallada: Do you really want to know?
Colonel Colin Caine: No.
Dr. Hans Fallada: Well, to answer your question, yes...