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Quotes for
Col. Colin Caine (Character)
from Lifeforce (1985)

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Lifeforce (1985)
Colonel Colin Caine: Now she has clothes.

Colonel Colin Caine: But I understand your real interest is...
Dr. Hans Fallada: Death, Colonel Caine, correct. Thanatology's the name for it. Death for you, Colonel, is a bureaucratic problem. Who did it. When, why did they do it. A problem to be solved, am I correct?
Colonel Colin Caine: And for you?
Dr. Hans Fallada: Well, I'm fascinated by death itself. What happens as we die, when we die. What happens after we die.

Colonel Colin Caine: Which one of you is Doctor Bukovsky?
Dr. Bukovsky: I am.
Colonel Colin Caine: I'm Colonel Caine.
Dr. Bukovsky: From the SAS?
Colonel Colin Caine: Gentleman, that last remark is not for publication. This is a D notice situation.

Colonel Colin Caine: Colonel, take it from the beginning. Assume we know nothing... which is understating the matter.

Colonel Colin Caine: Supposing you're right about all of this. What about that ship up there. What's it doing?
Dr. Hans Fallada: We can't know that. But we've got to assume the worst.

Colonel Tom Carlsen: She's resisting. I'm going to have to force her to tell me. Despite appearances, this women is a masochist. An extreme masochist. She wants me to force the name out of her. She wants me to hurt her. I can see the images in her mind. You want to stay? Otherwise wait outside!
Colonel Colin Caine: Not at all. I'm a natural voyeur.

Helicopter pilot: Sir, while you were with the PM, I had a call from base operations. The city is under martial law. We've been placed under NATO command.
Colonel Colin Caine: NATO!

Second vampire: It'll be much less terrifying if you just come to me.
Colonel Colin Caine: I'll do just that.

Dr. Bukovsky: Also, the Churchill's escape pod is missing.
Colonel Colin Caine: What's that mean, did someone escape?

Colonel Colin Caine: You mean life after death?
Dr. Hans Fallada: Yes.
Colonel Colin Caine: Is there?
Dr. Hans Fallada: What?
Colonel Colin Caine: Life after death?
Dr. Hans Fallada: Do you really want to know?
Colonel Colin Caine: No.
Dr. Hans Fallada: Well, to answer your question, yes...

Colonel Colin Caine: [looking at a shrivelled corpse] And this was murder, you say?

Sir Percy Heseltine, Home Secretary: Um... how do you know she's still inside Armstrong? What's to prevent her from moving to someone else?
Colonel Tom Carlsen: She's trapped. I can feel that.
Colonel Colin Caine: Are you sure?
Colonel Tom Carlsen: No.

Colonel Colin Caine: Tell me again how the girl over powered you.
Dr. Bukovsky: She... was the most overwhelmingly feminine presence I have ever encountered. I was drawn to her on a level...
Colonel Colin Caine: Was it sexual?
Dr. Bukovsky: Yes. Overwhelmingly so, and horrible. Loss of control.

Colonel Colin Caine: She's not human she's an alien, she'll destroy you!
Colonel Tom Carlsen: She's destroyed worlds...

Colonel Colin Caine: [looking at the rests of the humanoids] At what appears these two are no longer dangerous.

Colonel Colin Caine: Do as he says Kelly. Also, I want the two other bodies that were shot, The males. Collect the pieces and watch them. Get me the home secretary on the line now!