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Officer LeFlore (Character)
from Meet the Fockers (2004)

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Meet the Fockers (2004)
Officer LeFlore: [to Bernie and Greg] I need you to... remain... on... the vehicle!

Jack Byrnes: Officer, do you mind telling me why you're arresting these men?
Officer LeFlore: Oh, mercy. It just gets better and better. This is none of your business, looky-loo!
Jack Byrnes: At ease, son. Put down the taser.
[pulls ID out]
Jack Byrnes: Jack Byrnes, C.I.A.
Officer LeFlore: C.I... what?
[looks at the ID]
Officer LeFlore: It says here you're retired. What are you gonna show me next, your AARP card.
Jack Byrnes: Now you listen to me, and you listen good...
Bernie Focker: What's he doing?
Greg Focker: Don't worry, he's going to get us out of this.
Jack Byrnes: You have no right to...
Officer LeFlore: Stand down, sir!
Jack Byrnes: No, I will not stand, you will stand down!
Officer LeFlore: I will not stand down!
Jack Byrnes: Oh, you will stand down or you will be walking a beat at a retirement home in Boyton Beach...
Officer LeFlore: [shoots Jack in the chest with the taser, Jack starts shaking] Remain calm!