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X the Owl (Character)
from "MisteRogers" (1961)

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"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1508: Friends (#13.3)" (1982)
Lady Aberlin: [singing] It's the apple skin way to say I love you.
X the Owl: [singing] It's the apple skin way to say I care about you.
Henrietta Pussycat: [singing] Meow meow meow way/ Meow meow meow way/ Meow meow meow way...
X the Owl: Now Henrietta, you can't sing if your work suffers. I mean, I'm waiting here.
Henrietta Pussycat: [Grumbling] Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.
X the Owl: Um, I really need to sit on this chair.
Henrietta Pussycat: [Angrily] Meow!
X the Owl: But I can't see my book as well as I need to, I mean, sorry but, could you move over?
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow!
X the Owl: Um, I-I really think you should.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow like meow chair? Meow meow chair? Meow meow meow meow meow thank you meow meow meow meow.
X the Owl: All right, I was only making a little suggestion.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow LITTLE suggestion?

X the Owl: [Henrietta had ran out after a fight between her and X] Oh, it's silly to get mad over a bowl.
Lady Aberlin: I don't think it was just the bowl, X.
X the Owl: What, then?
Lady Aberlin: Well the bowl, the chair, the bowl, the chair, the bossy way of being in charge.
X the Owl: Just because I was the expert?
Lady Aberlin: But Henrietta and I have cooked in our lives too. We wanted to work together, not just for you and the O.C.S. cook book.
X the Owl: We can cook together.
Lady Aberlin: [Sarcastically] Oh good, X, that would be more fun.
X the Owl: But anyway, she's not supposed to walk away like that. She has to stay here and talk.
Lady Aberlin: I think she told you how she felt. She told you when you did things that made her angry and then she walked out of here with a big, "Meow!" and took her cookies. She was pretty clear.
X the Owl: Yeah. oh, bother. I'm tired of having friends. It's just too much trouble.

X the Owl: Henrietta, I'm sorry, but you should have told me how you felt.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow did tell meow. Meow meow am telling meow. Meow meow mad. Meow don't like bossy friends meow. Meow go away!
X the Owl: Well I'm sorry and I'll try not to be so bossy anymore, okay? Let's have some cookies and put the whole thing aside.

X the Owl: Okay? Let's have some cookies and put the whole thing aside.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow cookies meow for me meow Lady Aberlin. Meow are friends. Meow meow Aberlin! Meow here meow! Meow like meow cookie, Lady Aberlin?
Lady Aberlin: Oh sure, Hen. I'm so glad you and X are feeling better. Um, aren't you?
Henrietta Pussycat: X meow not meow friend.
Lady Aberlin: Oh, Henrietta, I don't think you mean that, really.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow was meow friend yester-meow. Meow will be meow friend tomorrow. Meow meow not meow friend today.
X the Owl: And just because of all that, she won't let me have a cookie.

Lady Aberlin: [singing to the tune of "There Are Many Ways to Say 'I Love You'"] Making a fruit salad can say "I love you'.
Henrietta Pussycat: Cleaning up meow meow before you're asked to meow meow.
X the Owl: Making sure the fruit is washed without a spot. Uh, you missed a few, Henrietta.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow meow meow meow.
X the Owl: Well, Henrietta, I'm sorry but, uh, but you did.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1467: Superheroes (#10.7)" (1980)
Lady Aberlin: [Ana falls out of X's tree, trying to fly. Lady Aberlin catches her just in time] What is going on here?
X the Owl: Ana was trying to fly.
Ana Platypus: I was using my Super-skirt and I was going through the air.
Lady Aberlin: Yes but you were going down and you might have gotten hurt.
X the Owl: That's right, Ana.
Lady Aberlin: You have to be really careful with super things.
Ana Platypus: Well, everybody was doing super things. I just wanted to try.
Lady Aberlin: Yes, but it's important to do your pretending where it's safe.

Ana Platypus: I've got my Super-skirt.
X the Owl: Well your Super-skirt is very nice, but it's just pretend, you know.
Ana Platypus: I know. But how did you learn to fly?
X the Owl: Well I just practiced and made my wings go like this.
[Flaps his wings]
Ana Platypus: And then what?
X the Owl: And then I just did it harder and harder and then little by little I learned.
[Ana begins flapping her arms]
X the Owl: Um careful, Ana, I don't want you to...
Ana Platypus: I think I'm flying!
X the Owl: No, you're FALLING!

X the Owl: I think that's enough about flying for today. Now Ana, you promised that you'd show me how to walk better. You know, birds don't walk very well and platypuses do.
Ana Platypus: Oh yes, I can walk real well. Come on, I'll show you. But since you're a bird, you might not be able to learn right away.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1586: Nighttime (#18.6)" (1988)
Lady Aberlin: What's the matter, X?
X the Owl: Oh I'm really disturbed. I am just as disturbed as can be.
Lady Aberlin: Why is that?
X the Owl: Well just come on inside my tree ands I'll show you.
Lady Aberlin: I think this knothole is a little too small for me to get in.
X the Owl: There's a bigger door for creatures your size around the back. Now just come on in here and meet you inside. I tell you, I'm really disturbed.

X the Owl: [Lady Elaine had invited herself to X's tree in the middle of night and has scared X half to death] I was sitting on my perch getting ready to go to sleep when all of a sudden I saw this flash of light come into my room and there she was barging right in to where I was about to go to sleep!
Lady Aberlin: You came into X's tree, Lady Elaine?
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I've been in here before.
X the Owl: But before I knew you were coming.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I just wanted some company.
X the Owl: But you could have called on the telecan to ask if it was all right to come.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I just thought it WAS all right.
Lady Aberlin: You mean you didn't knock on his door?
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I forgot.
X the Owl: Well don't ever forget again because you really scared me and you made me angry.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

X the Owl: Thanks for coming over, Lady Aberlin, you sure know how to help people and birds.
Lady Aberlin: I hope I can help Daniel Tiger.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: If I scared him, tell him I'm sorry. Looks like this is my night for saying, "Sorry, sorry, sorry".
Lady Aberlin: We all make mistakes, Lady Elaine.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Well next time I sure will remember to knock on this tree.
X the Owl: And if I'm here, I'll probably invite you to come in.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Thanks, toots.
Lady Aberlin: See you tomorrow.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Okay, then.
X the Owl: Good night, Lady Aberlin.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1067 (#3.2)" (1970)
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow, meow meow meow wishing meow MEOW meow meow.
X the Owl: Well I never thought of that.

X the Owl: Henrietta, guess what?
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow?
X the Owl: This orange didn't come by my wishing for it.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow didn't?
X the Owl: No. Mr. McFeely and Mr. Rogers were going to send it to me anyway. Isn't that true, Lady Aberlin?
Lady Aberlin: That's true.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow. Meow meow meow meow feel?
X the Owl: I feel ALOT better. Boy, now I can wish anything and not have to worry.
Lady Aberlin: Why don't you try it?
X the Owl: Okay. I wish, I wish, I wish for 3,000 oranges in my tree.

X the Owl: I'm not so sure I want wishes to come true.
Lady Aberlin: Why not?
X the Owl: Well, Henrietta, you know Henrietta Pussycat, my neighbor, she said to me, "What if all your wishes would come true, X?"
Lady Aberlin: And then what did you say?
X the Owl: Well, I thought about the times when I'm angry and wished for bad things. I wished my tree would fall down and all kinds of bad things.
X the Owl: One time I wished that my tree would fall down/ And hit someone else on the head/ I was mad all the day/ And I just couldn't say/ Why owls and people and things get that way/ I wished for some terrible thing/ I'd say/ Especially trees falling down/ But that wish certainly didn't come true/ 'Cause scary mad wishes don't make things come true/No, scary mad wishes don't make things come true.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1536: Food (#15.1)" (1984)
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow, X. Meow meow Mr. McMeowly.
Mr. McFeely: Hi, Hen, we're planting some seeds out here.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow.
X the Owl: My Speedy Seeds came, Hen, so now I can invite you to dinner.

X the Owl: [Waiting for seeds to grow] Maybe they need more water.
Mr. McFeely: What they need is patience, X.
X the Owl: Well where do you get that?
Mr. McFeely: Patience comes from inside yourself.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow little meow meow seed?
Mr. McFeely: That's true, Henrietta. Patience is a little like seeds. It's something that grows little by little.
X the Owl: [Glumly] Oh boy!

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1647: Imaginary Friends (#22.7)" (1992)
X the Owl: [Mr. McFeely is almost hit by X's tripod as he pushes it out his door] Sorry, Mr. McFeely!
Mr. McFeely: This neighborhood is a dangerous place today.
X the Owl: I beg your partner?

X the Owl: Could you please open it? I get all butter-wings when I'm excited.
[Mr. McFeely opens the box and finds nothing but a slip of paper]
X the Owl: Well, what's inside?
Mr. McFeely: This.
X the Owl: Oh, must be the instructions. But I'd like to see the I.V. first.
Mr. McFeely: That's all that' inside the box, X.
X the Owl: Don't tell me they forgot to put the I.V. in the box.
Mr. McFeely: Well, let me see. I'll read the instructions. It says, "Dear Customer, you may wonder why there is nothing but this letter inside your box..."
X the Owl: I'll say I'm wondering.
Mr. McFeely: "You may wonder where your I.V., your Imaginary Viewer is."
X the Owl: That's for sure.
Mr. McFeely: "You may think there has been some mistake."
X the Owl: How right they are.
Mr. McFeely: "Well, your Imaginary Viewer, your I.V., IS this empty box."

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1088 (#3.23)" (1970)
X the Owl: Can you feel the baby inside you?
Queen Sara Saturday: Just a little bit. It moves around and I know that it's there.
Lady Aberlin: Henrietta wonders if she could see it, but I told her that nobody would be able to see it until it was born.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow. Meow meow meow meow babysitter meow meow.
Queen Sara Saturday: I would be delighted for you to be a babysitter, dear. I just know that the baby will love you.
Lady Aberlin: Imagine, having an owl and a pussycat for neighbors.

Queen Sara Saturday: I just love everything about this neighborhood.
X the Owl: What do you love the best?
Queen Sara Saturday: Well, King Friday of course, but I think all of our neighbors are so special.
X the Owl: We sure like you too, Queen Sara, you don't mind talking about important things.
Queen Sara Saturday: Well talking about important things is the best way for people to grow.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1551: Families (#16.1)" (1985)
Lady Aberlin: [reading from Orange-o-gram] "Dear Cousin X..."
X the Owl: Oh, it's from a cousin.
Lady Aberlin: I guess so.

X the Owl: I wish something grew on my tree.
Lady Aberlin: Leaves grow on your tree.
X the Owl: I mean something we could eat, or squeeze. You know what I mean.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1576: Making Mistakes (#17.11)" (1987)
X the Owl: [X has accidentally insulted Audrey Duck, who has just run off] Oh wait a minute, Audrey, maybe I could...
Lady Aberlin: X, Audrey is already gone.
X the Owl: Oh, boy. Now what have I done?
Lady Aberlin: What do you think?
X the Owl: Well I made a mistake. I thought it was Henrietta dressed up to look like her friend.
Lady Aberlin: I know.
X the Owl: And I hurt Audrey's feelings.
Lady Aberlin: I know.
X the Owl: What am I gonna do?
Lady Aberlin: What would you like to do?
X the Owl: I'd like to make her feel better.

X the Owl: [Lady Aberlin and Audrey Duck visit X the Owl] Are you going to a costume party?
Lady Aberlin: Why do you ask that?
X the Owl: Well I knew Henrietta was going off for the day but I didn't think she had to dress up funny.
Lady Aberlin: We don't understand you, X.
X the Owl: Isn't that Henrietta under that funny duck costume? I mean what a costume.
Audrey Duck: Duck costume?
Lady Aberlin: X, don't you know Audrey Duck?
X the Owl: Yeah, she's Hen's good friend.
Lady Aberlin: This IS Audrey Duck.
X the Owl: Come on, don't try to kid me. She doesn't look like a real duck.
Audrey Duck: But I AM a real duck. And my name IS Audrey. And what you're saying is making me feel awful.
X the Owl: Uh oh... Uh, let me get a closer look at you. Oh am I ever sorry. You ARE Audrey Duck, aren't you?
Audrey Duck: Yes I am. And I'm going to visit my friends at school. Good bye!

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1492: Discipline (#12.2)" (1982)
Handyman Negri: Wait a minute, we just gotta get some limits around here.
X the Owl: No limits to my selling, Handy.
Cornflake S. Pecially: We're working night and day but we still can't keep up with your orders, X.
X the Owl: Ah, you all can do it. I'm gonna fly off and sell some more. How about pots and pans and ear muffs and suit cases and...?
Handyman Negri: Oh wait a minute, wait a minute, you all are going to have to do this without my help. Either we get some order in this operation or I can't help you any more. I'm going off to my regular job. I'll see you later.
Cornflake S. Pecially: Okay, well, thanks anyway, Handy.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1528: Work (#14.8)" (1984)
Cornflake S. Pecially: [X the Owl is renting tools from Corny] The buckets are 6 for 1. Shovels 6 for 4. Buckets 6 for 1.
X the Owl: Um, how am I supposed to rent all these different things at once? I mean, it's confusing.
Cornflake S. Pecially: Well, first you think about it, and then if you need help I'll be right here to help you figure it out.
X the Owl: I think that buying is alot harder than selling, Corny.
Cornflake S. Pecially: Well it takes very careful thinking.
X the Owl: All the same, I wonder if it wouldn't be easier if people just gave each other the things they need instead of buying all the time and selling all the time.
Cornflake S. Pecially: Well in some places, it's like that, X. But in most places, people earn money for work and then pay that money for what they need.
X the Owl: Like shovels and buckets.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1461: Mr. Rogers Goes to School (#10.1)" (1979)
X the Owl: Did you hear about the plans for building a school?
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow. Meow-meow-meow-meow-meow build it? Meow?
X the Owl: Oh, I don't know. I'm just not sure.
Lady Aberlin: [arriving] Hi.
X the Owl: Hi.
Lady Aberlin: Did you hear about the plans for the new school?
X the Owl: Oh, yeah. But where's it going to be?
Lady Aberlin: We're trying to decide that right now.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow welcome meow-meow-meow-meow MEOW house.
Lady Aberlin: Why, Henrietta, that's awfully kind of you.
X the Owl: It sure is.
[Handyman Negri arrives]
X the Owl: Oh, hi, Handy.
Handyman Negri: Hi, how are you doing? Any good ideas?
Lady Aberlin: Lots of them, but... I think we ought to try Someplace Else.
Handyman Negri: Perfect. There's plenty of room out there, if Harriett Elizabeth Cow and Donkey Hodie aren't using it all for the farm.
X the Owl: Uh, you just let us know if we can help. I mean, I'll be glad to teach about Benjamin Franklin. I know lots of things.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow-meow, too.
Lady Aberlin: Oh, you two are so helpful. We'll keep you posted.
X the Owl: Good idea.
Lady Aberlin: Off to Someplace Else.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1518: Day Care and Night Care (#13.13)" (1983)
X the Owl: This is an OCS Moving Picture. Just look at it very carefully and you'll see the waves move.
[the waves in the picture start moving]
Chuck Aber: [X, Mr. Aber, Prince Tuesday and Handyman Negri watch with awe] Wow. I wanna get a surf board.
X the Owl: Yeah, some people like to swim in there. You have to be very careful, though.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1486: Play (#11.11)" (1981)
X the Owl: [Bob Dog has fallen from a ladder] Are you hurt, Bob Dog?
[Bob Dog howls in pain]
X the Owl: Does that mean that you are or you aren't?

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1522: Conflict (#14.2)" (1983)
X the Owl: [has been asked to help assemble a bomb] I don't think we should call them "bombs", though. We should call them "surprise treats" or something like that. Bombs are scary things and hurting things.
Handyman Negri: Yeah.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1515: Games (#13.10)" (1983)
X the Owl: I think we should get a big blanket, as big as the sky, and just put it up there and let it catch all the snow.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1525: Conflict (#14.5)" (1983)
Lady Aberlin: I'm doing a show about peace.
X the Owl: Oh, well peace is a good thing, isn't it?
Lady Aberlin: I'll say. Would you like to say something about peace?
X the Owl: Certainly. I think peace is what everybody should have. In fact, I think everybody should have a piece of peace.
Lady Aberlin: And why do you think it's so good?
X the Owl: Well, it's that quiet feeling inside that makes you feel all warm and, I don't know, I just like it, I do.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 56 (#1.56)" (1968)
Coach Saunders: I have to get back to the high school now.
X the Owl: How high is your high school?
Coach Saunders: Well, it's four stories high.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow, meow, tell stories, meow?
Coach Saunders: Oh, certainly, Henrietta. Learning is a lot of story telling.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1527: Work (#14.7)" (1984)
X the Owl: There's a chapter in my new OCS course on money that has to do with work.
Ellen Paterson: Money has *a lot* to do with work.
X the Owl: Because?
Ellen Paterson: Because most people get paid money when they work.
X the Owl: Oh. Like you?
Ellen Paterson: Uh huh.
X the Owl: Well, what if you work and don't get paid money?
Ellen Paterson: Then you get paid in other ways, like food to eat or a place to sleep or even a good feeling about it.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1562: Celebrations (#16.12)" (1986)
Chuck Aber: Is Henrietta all right?
X the Owl: I don't know what you mean by "all right", Mr. Aber. I just know that she doesn't want to play and she doesn't want to talk much at all, and she seems sort of sad. Is that all right or is that all left?
Chuck Aber: Sounds like a little of each to me.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1183 (#4.53)" (1971)
X the Owl: Oh, Nurse Miller, well how in the world are you?
Nurse Miller: I'm just fine, X, but the real question is how in the world are YOU? You're the one who got hit with that teeny tiny hard ball.
X the Owl: That's for sure.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1605: Fun and Games (#19.10)" (1989)
Randy S. Caribou: [They're a team deciding what to play] We can't play Antler Ball. I'm the only one with antlers.
X the Owl: And we can't play wing-ding because I'm the only one with wings.
Lady Aberlin: Wing-ding? That sounds like fun. How do you play it?
X the Owl: Oh, you get this ball and you use your wings and you try to keep it up in the air for as long as you can, and if you keep it up for three minutes, you sing "ding ding ding' like that. It's fun, but you need wings for it.
Lady Aberlin: I was thinking we could play football, but not everybody on our team has feet.
Bob Dog: Yeah, or Paw Ball. But not everybody has paws.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1661: Love (#23.6)" (1993)
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow bear! Meow!
[ducks back inside]
X the Owl: Oh, it's alright, Hen. It's a friendly bear.
Lady Aberlin: Really.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow YOU say.
X the Owl: That's what the bear says.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1395 (#8.5)" (1975)
X the Owl: But it's a girl's hat.
Lady Aberlin: I know that. Haven't you ever tried on a girl's hat before?
X the Owl: Of course not. I don't wanna be a girl.