Ellen Harper Jackson
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Ellen Harper Jackson (Character)
from "Mama's Family" (1983)

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Eunice (1982) (TV)
Ellen: I thought when I saw Mama lying in that coffin, I thought 'Well she's with Daddy and with her old friends'. What'd you think, Phil?
Phillip: I thought we should've had her frozen.
Ellen: Phil! Honestly, what is the matter with you?
Phillip: That's what I thought Ellen, I thought we should've put her in the deep freeze as soon as she died and then someday in the future she can be revived and she can be made young again and she could live forever as a young girl because nobody would ever have to die again. That's what I thought, you asked me what I thought, that's what I thought.

Ellen: Mama had such interesting old pieces, didn't she? Particularly this lamp.
Eunice: [sharply] You want me to wrap that for you?
Ellen: What do you mean?
Eunice: Ever since we got home from the funeral, you have been trying to get your hands on Mama's stuff: the clock, the lamp, you want the silverware too?
Ellen: Take it easy, Eunice, I thought you hated that clock anyway.
Eunice: God, you take the cake. You don't waste a second, do you? Mama barely cold in her grave and here you are trying to strip THE WHOLE HOUSE! I'm surprised you didn't bring a moving van with you!

Ellen: Eunice, you know what you ought to do, get yourself a pet. My little Sequin is the greatest comfort...
Eunice: What's the use? A pet would only run off or die on me and I can't take another heartache. I used up all the love for anything in the animal kingdom on Fluffy.
Ellen: Yes... I was never as fond of that rabbit as you were.
Eunice: I used to think about him every day at school. And I'd think 'Hurry up 3 o' clock, hurry up 3 o' clock so I can run home to Fluffy', and then one day he wasn't there.

Ellen: I have a bulletin for you about your precious Fluffy. Remember the day he disappeared? Well Toots, that wasn't fried chicken we had for dinner that night!
Eunice: [chases her out on the porch] MURDERERS! CANNIBALS!
Ellen: We didn't do it. Mama did it! She was sick and tired of cleaning up after that rabbit, so she took it to the butcher and had it SKINNED, and CLEANED!
Eunice: Oh my GOD! FLUFFY! NO!
[falls on her knees pounding the floor]
Ellen: Oh Heaven's sake, Eunice, if we hadn't eaten the damn rabbit it'd be dead by now of old age anyway.
Eunice: [to Phil] You knew about this?
Phillip: Well after it was all over, Eunice, but Mama didn't want to upset you, so she made me promise I wouldn't say anything.
Eunice: [gets up, looks around] Mama? Mama?
Phillip: Eunice...
Eunice: Mama, WHERE ARE YOU?

"Mama's Family: A Grave Mistake (#2.22)" (1984)
Ellen Harper Jackson: Can't you bury people in alphabetical order?