Mona Vanderwaal
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Mona Vanderwaal (Character)
from "Pretty Little Liars" (2010)

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"Pretty Little Liars: The Perfect Storm (#1.9)" (2010)
Mona Vanderwall: [to Lucas about Hanna] You can go now. This beauty doesn't need a beast.

Lucas Gottesman: This sucks. The first time I get to photograph a real tornado, and they shove us in a room without windows.
Hanna Marin: You don't want to see a real tornado.
Mona Vanderwall: [behind Hanna and lucas] Of course he does. He needs to get to Oz so he can ask the Wizard for a penis.
Hanna Marin: Mona, can I talk to you for a sec?
[Hanna and Mona break off from the group]
Hanna Marin: Why can't you leave him alone? I mean, what has he ever done to you besides remind you that two short years ago, we were him?
Mona Vanderwall: He bugs me.
Hanna Marin: Yeah. Well, I think you're the one who needs a trip to Oz. See if the Wizard can find you a heart.

"Pretty Little Liars: Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars (#6.20)" (2016)
Mona Vanderwaal: Look, Spencer, I'm not the enemy. I haven't been for a long time.

"Pretty Little Liars: Father Knows Best (#2.22)" (2012)
Mona Vanderwall: Which one of you girls is best at hiding the truth from someone who's close to you?
Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields: [all pointing at Aria] Her.
Aria Montgomery: Wow, really? Thanks, guys.

"Pretty Little Liars: Keep Your Friends Close (#1.10)" (2010)
Aria Montgomery: Camp Mona?
Mona Vanderwaal: Don't let the camping part scare you. It's glamping not camping. M is for Mona and massages, not mosquitoes.

"Pretty Little Liars: Shadow Play (#4.19)" (2014)
[Spencer and Hanna push past Mona to leave Ezra's apartment. Hanna steals a carrot stick on the way out]
Mona Vanderwaal: [to Ezra, seriously] I want you to know, that was the last carrot stick.

"Pretty Little Liars: The Badass Seed (#1.18)" (2011)
Mona Vanderwall: [during rehearsals for "The Bad Seed"] I think my character's being totally selfish. I don't even know how to play that.

"Pretty Little Liars: The Goodbye Look (#2.2)" (2011)
Aria Montgomery: Don't you read the newspaper or watch the news?
Mona Vanderwall: No.