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Quotes for
Holland (Character)
from The Evil That Men Do (1984)

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The Evil That Men Do (1984)
Holland: He knows we're here.
Rhiana Hidalgo: How could you tell?
Holland: He didn't ask.

Randolph, Molloch's Bodyguard: This is not your usual tourist attraction.
Holland: We're not usual tourists. You know what I mean?
Randolph, Molloch's Bodyguard: Aha... Life just gets dull and nothing like a little variety to spice things up.
Holland: That's right. Nancy and me, we come from a small town up in Nebraska. And we always have to go someplace else for excitement and variety, you know?
Randolph, Molloch's Bodyguard: Bart, just what kind of excitement are you looking for?
Holland: You know, me and Nancy, we've been into a lot of things. We learned tricks you wouldn't believe. We've been into things like wife-swapping... You married?
Randolph, Molloch's Bodyguard: No, I'm divorced. But remember, three's a company and four is definitely a crowd. Man, I am down for anything or anybody.
Holland: Three is all right with me.
Randolph, Molloch's Bodyguard: It's definitely all right with me.
Randolph, Molloch's Bodyguard: You got a place?
Holland: You bet.

Rhiana Hidalgo: What are you going to do?
Holland: I'm gonna rattle his cage. And when he sticks his neck out, I'll nail him.

Dr. Hector Lomelin: Changed your mind, eh?
Holland: Yeah, let's do it.
Dr. Hector Lomelin: We haven't discussed your fee.
Holland: Oh well, don't worry about it. I don't want the money.

Rhiana Hidalgo: You read lips?
Holland: Yes.
Rhiana Hidalgo: I'm sorry. I now realize I was mistaken.
Holland: Decided I don't look like a killer?
Rhiana Hidalgo: I've decided I should keep my opinions to myself.

Cripple: Hey, mister, do you want some dope?
Holland: Er?
Cripple: I said, dope. Do you want any?
Holland: Do you have elephant?
Cripple: Heh?
Holland: Do you have Mingtoydop?
Cripple: Heh?
Holland: I guess you don't.