Rob Diehl
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Rob Diehl (Character)
from Air America (1990)

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Air America (1990)
Rob Diehl: Hey Gene, You will remember what I said?... Shhhh!
Gene Ryack: Well the problem is Rob, you and I weren't here, this conversation never happened, so I cant remember what the fuck you didn't tell me!

Rob Diehl: You know more about it than American intelligence Gene!
Gene Ryack: Rob, I wish you wouldn't use the words American Intelligence to describe what it is you do!

Rob: I have to have coffee with Davenport tomorrow, what should I do then? I'll tell you what, I'll take him to the White Rose, I'll get him blown...
Lemond: No! Davenport runs the Senate prayer group. With a guy like that you don't bring up the subject of blow jobs. You wait for him to bring it up.

Rob Diehl: [Rob and Gene stare into the midst of flaming wreck where a pilot lay as emergency personnel race past] Do you think he's dead?
Gene Ryack: Well, if he's not dead, he's very calm.