Judge Joseph Dredd
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Judge Joseph Dredd (Character)
from Judge Dredd (1995)

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Judge Dredd (1995)
Judge Hershey: [as her dead partner is being taken away] Dammit! I was supposed to be watching out for him.
Judge Dredd: Don't blame yourself, Hershey, he made the mistake, not you.
Judge Hershey: [exasperated] Wouldn't it feel good to have an emotion once in a while, huh?
Judge Dredd: Emotions... there ought to be a law against them.

Judge Dredd: I am the law!

[on the flight to Aspen]
Fergee: What are you doing here?
Judge Dredd: I was convicted of a crime. Wrongly convicted.
Fergee: [laughs] Really? That's kinda weird! What are the odds? Two wrongly convicted guys sitting right next to each other?
Judge Dredd: You received the sentence the law required.
Fergee: Five years, just for saving my own ass? That was a mistake!
Judge Dredd: The law doesn't... make mistakes.
Fergee: Really? Then how do you explain what happened to you? You can't, can you? Great. Mr. "I am the law" can't. So maybe this is some kind of typo. Maybe it's a glitch. Or maybe it's poetic justice.

Judge Dredd: [Dredd has caught Fergee trying to escape inside a servo-droid and is judging him for damaging public property] And you haven't even been out of jail for 24 hours. He's habitual, Hershey. Automatic 5 year sentence. How do you plead?
Fergee: Not guilty?
Judge Dredd: I knew you'd say that.
Fergee: 5 years? No! No! I had no choice! They were killing each other in there!
Judge Dredd: You could have gone out the window.
Fergee: 40 floors? It would have been suicide!
Judge Dredd: Maybe, but it's legal.

Brisco: Judge Dredd, take cover!
Judge Dredd: They're firing 20 milimetre caseless fletcher rounds at 300 metres. The effective lethal range is 200 metres. You're safe... so what are you doing down there, Judge Hershey?
Judge Hershey: Waiting for backup.
Judge Dredd: It's here.

Chief Justice Fargo: The blind lady.
Judge Dredd: Who is she, sir?
Chief Justice Fargo: Justice before your time. We should never have taken justice out of her hands.
Judge Dredd: You put order to chaos, sir.
Chief Justice Fargo: Yes, we solved many problems, but created many more.

Judge Dredd: The legendary Angel family. Cursed Earth pirates, murderers, scavengers, and of course scumbags!

Judge Dredd: [to Mean Machine, mentioning his artificial right forearm with included blade] Does that come with a fork, handsome?

Herman Ferguson: I'm free, you're toast!
Judge Dredd: Actually, you're toast. I forgot to mention it: your new friends, they're cannibals.

Judge Dredd: There's a maniac loose in the city!
Herman Ferguson: What a coincidence - there's one out here too!

Judge Dredd: [sentencing the Block Warlord] Mega City Municiple Code, 213: Willfull destruction of property, that's two years. Code 310: Illegal possession of assault weapons, five years. Code 457: Resisting arrest, TWENTY years!
[one of the wounded squatters jumps up to shoot Dredd, Hershey quickly shoots him]
Judge Dredd: Thank you, Hershey. And code 3613: The first degree murder of a Street Judge...
Block Warlord: Let me guess, life.
[he goes for his gun, but Dredd shoots him first]
Judge Dredd: Death. Court's adjourned.

[Dredd and Fergie are riding on a flying Lawmaster motorcycle, being pursued by guards]
Judge Dredd: Fergie, cover the rear!
Fergee: But I've never fired a gun in my life!
Judge Dredd: What the hell kind of criminal are you?
Fergee: A NICE criminal!

Judge Dredd: You let me judge my own brother? You never told me sir!

Judge Dredd: Mega City municipal code 4722: Illegal use of city electricity.
[rubs a hot wire on Mean Machine's arm]
Judge Dredd: How do you plead?
[Mean Machine growls]
Judge Dredd: I knew you'd say that!
[uses the wire to electrocute Mean Machine]

Rico: Why did you judge me?
[Dredd stares at him]
Rico: Why did you judge me?
Judge Dredd: You killed innocent people.
Rico: A means to an end.
Judge Dredd: You started a massacre!
Rico: I began a revolution!
Rico: Lawwwwww!
[talking about the cloning project]
Rico: I betrayed this... Your council's experiment which failed, in you. I was your brother, your blood, your friend. Who betrayed who? When are you gonna stop being a goddamn slave and grow up? That's your birthright, that's your family. I'm your family, I'm the only family you ever had. Now choose!
Judge Dredd: The best thing you can do is kill me.
Rico: Why?
Judge Dredd: Because it's your only chance, brother.

Rico: I'm the only one who ever loved you.
Judge Dredd: I'll be the judge of that.

Herman Ferguson: [approaching the MegaCity wall] C'mon, Dredd, there is no way in, are you even listening to me? We can't just knock on the wall and say "Hello, Cursed earth Pizza".
Judge Dredd: There is a way in. 10 years ago, 2 refugees figured it out, through the city's incinerator, there's a flame burst twice a minute, that means they have only 30 seconds to run through before it flames again.
Herman Ferguson: These refugees, they made it through, right?
Judge Dredd: Actually, they were roasted. But, the theory's sound. Shall we?
[walks away]
Herman Ferguson: Maybe we should consider other theories, Dredd.

[Dredd is putting some stuff into his locker, Hershey walks up to him, quietly]
Judge Dredd: [from behind his locker door] I can hear you thinking.
Judge Hershey: Caught your lecture today. Is that really what you think the cadets need to hear?
Judge Dredd: What I told them was the truth.
Judge Hershey: Your truth, maybe. You made it sound like our lives are practically over!
Judge Dredd: Don't you think parts are, Hershey?
Judge Hershey: I have a personal life, I have friends.
Judge Dredd: You're the smartest of a new breed, but you've only been on the street a year. You haven't gotten used to the isolation yet.
Judge Hershey: No. No, I don't think that's right. No one should be alone all the time. I mean, is that really what it's been like for you? Haven't you... haven't you ever had a friend?
Judge Dredd: Yes. Once.
Judge Hershey: What happened?
[Dredd shuts his locker and walks away. Hershey follows him]
Judge Hershey: Dredd? I want to know, what happened?
Judge Dredd: [sadly] I judged him.

Judge Dredd: [During an "Ethics" class, Dredd fires continuously at a "Judge" helmet and armor] ... The Judge's standard-issue helmet and body armor. Yours, when you graduate. Lawgiver-2 standard-issue sidearm, with 20 interchangeable rounds and voice-activated round system.
[to the Lawgiver]
Judge Dredd: Signal flare.
[fires a signal flare into the wall]
Judge Dredd: Yours, IF you graduate.
[walks over to a futuristic motorcycle]
Judge Dredd: Lawmaster, with rapid-firing cannons and a range of 500 kilometers.
[turns it on; it malfunctions]
Judge Dredd: Yours... if you can ever get it to work.
[cadets laugh]
Judge Dredd: All the things you see are toys; at the end of the day, when you're alone in the dark, the only thing that matters is this...
[holds up the Book of the Law]
Judge Dredd: ...the Law.
[slams the Book onto the table]
Judge Dredd: You WILL be alone. Upon retirement, you will take the Long Walk... which every Judge takes, outside these city walls, into the Cursed Earth. There you will remain for the last of your days, alone and carrying the Law. Class dismissed.

Judge Dredd: It's a lie! The evidence has been falsified! It's impossible! I never broke the law, I AM THE LAW!

Judge: Judge Dredd, we have to reconstitute the Council. We'd like you to consider first position as Chief Justice.
Judge Dredd: I'm a Street Judge. And I'm very late for work.
[he walks off]

[after Dredd has been found guilty and sentenced to life, he is transported with other convicts in a shuttle to Aspen prison. Fergee, who sits next to Dredd, is rather surprised to see him]
Fergee: Dredd?
[Dredd grabs Fergee's hand, shushing him - but a prisoner who sits behind Dredd, who has ugly scar on his right cheek, hears that]
Fergee: Don't hit me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Don't hurt me.
[Dredd lets go of Fergee's hand. The scarred prisoner bends forward, eavesdropping]
Fergee: [whispers] What are you doing here?
Judge Dredd: I was convicted of a crime. Wrongly convicted.
Fergee: [chuckles] Really? That's kinda weird! What are the odds? Two wrongly convicted guys sitting right next to each other?
Judge Dredd: You received the sentence the law required.
Fergee: [angrily] Five years? Just for saving my own ass? That was a mistake!
Judge Dredd: The law doesn't make mistakes.
Fergee: Really? Then how do you explain what happened to YOU?
[Dredd looks at Fergee. He has no answer]
Fergee: You can't, can you? Great. Mr. "I am the law" can't!
[the scarred prisoner draws a pocketknife from his right sock. The prisoners sitting next to him notice that, but say nothing. Using the knife, the scarred prisoner starts unlocking the metal framework which restrains him to his seat]
Fergee: So maybe this is some kind of typo. Maybe it's a glitch. Or maybe it's poetic justice!
[meanwhile, the shuttle is spotted by several lawless inhabitants of the Cursed Earth - the Angel gang]
Junior Angel: Shuttle comin'! Shuttle! Shuttle! Shuttle comin', Pa! Look!
[Pa and Link Angel approach. Junior points at the shuttle]
Pa Angel: Praise the Lord for bringing us this generous bounty. My sons... gather the harvest!
[Junior and Link rush to bring weapons]

[when Dredd and Fergee regain consciousness, they find themselves in a dark building, their hands tied with thick ropes to the ceiling, several feet above the ground]
Fergee: Am I dead? Am I dead? I'm dead!
[the notorious Angel gang enters the room, chuckling. They are dirty, vicious-looking thugs. The most hideous is the cyborg Mean - he has a mechanical right arm, and his skull is covered with a metal dome with a dial on the front. Link and Junior carry a body from the shuttle. Mean carries a helmet on his mechanical arm. Pa Angel looks at the captives]
Pa Angel: Awake? Good! We're running out of sinners.
[Mean throws the helmet away. The four thugs approach the captives. Fergee is filled with fear]
Fergee: Oh, my God! Dredd, do something!
Pa Angel: [surprised] Dredd?
Judge Dredd: [whispers to Fregee] You talk too much.
Pa Angel: Can it be?
[Fergee gasps in fear when Pa Angel points his staff, but he only uses it to press on Dredd's right arm in order to see his face]
Pa Angel: The great man of the law himself.
[convinced that the prisoner is indeed Dredd, Pa Angel bursts out laughing]
Pa Angel: O Lord, you have blessed us indeed! Judge "rat" Dredd.
Judge Dredd: You creeps are under arrest.
Mean Machine: [unimpressed, waving his mechanical arm menacingly] Is that so? Let me crush him, Pa!
Fergee: Excuse me. We're not together.
[the Angels burst out laughing]
Pa Angel: Allow me to introduce you to my family. There's Link, my oldest.
Link Angel: Bite me!
Fergee: Hi!
Pa Angel: My youngest, Junior.
Junior Angel: [slightly moves his hat] Howdy!
Fergee: Hi!

[Pa Angel introduces Mean]
Pa Angel: [pats on Mean's shoulder] And this here is Mean.
[Pa Angel caresses Mean's cheek]
Pa Angel: We had to make some alterations when he was a child. The Cursed Earth's a tough place on young folks.
[Pa Angel turns the dial on Mean's skull to level 1. Mean snarls]
Pa Angel: Now have him set on 1. I don't suggest you make him angry.
[Fergee shakes his head]
Judge Dredd: [contemptuously] The legendary Angel family. Cursed Earth pirates, murderers, scavengers. And, of course, scumbags.
Fergee: [rolls his eyes upward] Oh, that'll win 'em over!
Judge Dredd: Did I leave something out, "Pa"?
[Pa Angel smiles widely, amused rather than offended]
Junior Angel: Let me kill 'im, Pa. I want his ears.
Link Angel: I want his teeth!
[Mean draws several blades from his mechanical arm, holding them close to Dredd's throat. Mean chuckles, but Dredd is unimpressed]
Judge Dredd: Does that come with a fork, handsome?
[Mean snarls, then bends his head backwards and butts into Dredd's face. Fergee shuts his eyes. The blow leaves bleeding gash on Dredd's left temple. Again, Mean holds the blades close to Dredd's throat]
Fergee: Hallelujah, brother!
[surprised, the Angels turn their attention to Fergee]
Pa Angel: [caresses Fregee's cheek] Wait a minute. Can it be? Can it be that from the city of the fallen we have one of the faithful?
[hearing that, Fergee believes incorrectly that he has hope of survival]

[Fergee tries to convince the Angel gang that he is a believer, thinking incorrectly that they will let him live. While the attention of the Angels is turned on Fregee, Dredd struggles to get his hands free]
Fergee: Amen, brother! Praise the Lord! I'm a believer!
Judge Dredd: [whispers] Fergee, don't do it.
Pa Angel: It sounds like we have a believer in the gallery.
Fergee: Yes!
Pa Angel: Cut him down.
Fergee: Go tell it on the mountain!
Judge Dredd: Fergee!
[Fergee ignores Dredd's warnings. Link steps forward and cuts Fergee's bindings]
Fergee: Yeah!
Judge Dredd: [to Fergee] You're making a big mistake.
Fergee: [chuckles gloatingly] Well, Dredd, maybe the law doesn't make mistakes, but I'm free - and you're a toast.
Judge Dredd: [dryly] Actually, YOU'RE a toast. I forgot to mention it. Your new friends... they're cannibals.
[Fergee's smile fades as the Angels grab him roughly and drag him to the fire]
Link Angel: Fresh meat.
Pa Angel: Prepare the supplicant for sacrifice!
[as Link and Junior drag poor Fergee to the fire, Dredd manages to free his left hand from the ropes. The Angels fail to notice that]
Fergee: No, wait. You can't eat me! I've got eczema. I've got warts. I've had gonorrhea. Eat Dredd! He works out.
[Fergee's eyes widen in fear when he sees what is cooking over the fire - something that clearly was once human]
Pa Angel: [looks disgustingly at Dredd] Yum, yum. It's been fun, lawman.
[Pa Angel turns Mean's dial to level 2. Mean snarls]
Pa Angel: [pats on Mean's shoulder] Finish Dredd.
Mean Machine: My pleasure, Pa!

[Mean is about to attack Dredd]
Judge Dredd: C'mon...
[as Mean bends his head backwards and charges, Dredd removes his left hand from the ropes and dodges, getting himself free. Mean butts a column. The column breaks on impact, leaving Mean momentarily stunned]
Pa Angel: [to Link and Junior] C'mon!
[Junior charges at Dredd, waving a gun]
Judge Dredd: C'mon, kid!
[before Junior can shoot, Dredd wraps the rope around his hand, snatches the gun and punches Junior's face. Junior collapses. Link draws a dagger and charges at Dredd]
Judge Dredd: Guilty!
[Dredd shoots and kills Link. Mean recovers, snarling]
Judge Dredd: Oh, shut up!
[before Mean can get up on his feet, Dredd turns his dial to zero, shutting him off. Junior draws a dagger and charges Dredd. Dredd dodges, wraps the rope around Junior's neck and drops on over his shoulder, breaking his neck]
Fergee: Dredd, look out!
[Pa Angel growls in rage and charges at Dredd, waving his heavy staff. Dredd rolls away and grabs a dagger, preparing to fight Pa Angel, when suddenly several shots hit Pa, killing him. Some guards appear]
Guard: There's Dredd!
[Dredd drops the dagger and jumps to the platform above, dodging the guards' shots. He tackles one of the guards and grabs his weapon. Dredd shoots and kills the other four guards. When the shooting cease, Fergee rises on his feet. Dredd waits for more guards, but when none appear, he drops the gun. Fergee approaches Dredd, warily pats on his shoulder]
Fergee: [talks as if he took part in the fight] Well, we did it. We got 'em all. Pussies! Is that all you got? They are dead, right?
[Dredd turns to Fergee and grabs his upper lip]
Judge Dredd: [touches Fergee's cheek] Have you been crying?
Fergee: [angrily] I'm not crying. I got something in my eye. You ever have allergies?
[Dredd lets go of Fergee. Fergee looks behind Dredd, and suddenly he spots one more guard]
Fergee: Dredd, look out!

[as the last guard is about to shoot Dredd, a shot hits and kills him. An armed hooded figure appears. Dredd and Fergee stare at the hooded person, uncertain whether it is friend or foe. Dredd is surprised as the figure removes its hood, revealing itself as ex-Chief Justice Fargo - who was like a father to him]
Judge Dredd: Chief Justice!
Chief Justice Fargo: Joseph, together again.
Judge Dredd: Together again, sir.
[suddenly Fargo shrieks in agony, as he is stabbed in the back by Mean. The blade sinks into his body and protrudes from his chest]
Judge Dredd: No!
[Mean smiles viciously, as Fargo is skewered on his blade. Enraged, Dredd charges at the cyborg. Mean throws Fargo's body off his blade and faces Dredd]
Judge Dredd: No!
Fergee: God, not again!
[Dredd grabs Pa Angel's staff and attacks Mean, but Mean easily knocks the staff off Dredd's hands and butts him in the face. Dredd stumbles and falls to the floor, but immediately recovers and picks a metal bar]
Mean Machine: You got three strikes, lawman!
[Dredd strikes Mean, but Mean blocks the blow with his mechanical arm]
Mean Machine: Strike one! He-he-he...
[Dredd strikes again - again, Mean blocks the blow]
Mean Machine: Strike two!
[Dredd brings the bar heavily on Mean's head - a blow that would crack human skull, but leaves no impression on Mean. Fergee winces]
Mean Machine: Strike three. You're out, lawman!
[Mean knocks the bar off Dredd's hands and advances, waving his blades. Dredd recoils, barely evades Mean's blows]
Mean Machine: You killed Link! You killed Junior! You killed my brothers! You killed my pa...
[Mean growls and charges, but Dredd sidesteps. Mean's blades get stuck deep into the wall, so he cannot free himself. Dredd partially rips a wire from Mean's mechanism and touches its broken end at Mean's arm]
Judge Dredd: Mega City municipal code 27-22: illegal use of city electricity. How do you plead?
[Mean growls in fear and rage]
Judge Dredd: I knew you'd say that!
[Dredd attaches the wire to Mean's back, elecrocuting the monstrous cyborg to death]

[Dredd does his best to ease fatally-injured Fargo, but the old man has no hope of survival. His condition deteriorates rapidly]
Chief Justice Fargo: [gestures to one of the statues] The blind lady...
Judge Dredd: [looks at the statue] Who is she?
Chief Justice Fargo: Justice... before your time. We should never have taken justice out of her hands.
Judge Dredd: You brought order to chaos, sir.
Chief Justice Fargo: That we did. Solved many problems, and created many more... being a Judge, Joseph, perhaps too much power in one person's hands. We once tried to compensate: create the perfect Judge. We called it Janus. Four decades ago, D.N.A. samples were taken from the original council. One was chosen. Mine. We altered it to enhance the best qualities and screen out the worst: weaknesses, frailties. We created you.
Judge Dredd: You didn't create me, sir. I have a family.
Chief Justice Fargo: [shakes his head] No.
Judge Dredd: At the Academy, you told me they were killed when I was very young.
Chief Justice Fargo: A lie.
Judge Dredd: I have a picture of them.
Chief Justice Fargo: A fake. We lied... to both of you.
Judge Dredd: [puzzled] Both?
Chief Justice Fargo: There was another infant created in that experiment, but something went wrong. Genetically mutated to the perfect criminal.
Judge Dredd: I have a brother?
Chief Justice Fargo: You were best friends at the Academy. Star pupils. And then he turned. And for his crimes, you judged him.
Judge Dredd: Rico?
Chief Justice Fargo: Rico.
[shocked to hear that, Dredd stands and walks away from Fargo]
Chief Justice Fargo: Rico... you let me judge my own brother? You never told me, sir.
Chief Justice Fargo: I couldn't... you were like a son to me.
Judge Dredd: A son... my whole life is a lie.
Chief Justice Fargo: Rico had to be executed to protect you, to protect the city.

[Dredd muses about what Fargo just told him. Then he realizes something]
Judge Dredd: Rico... he's alive!
Chief Justice Fargo: No. I signed the order myself. I saw the report.
Judge Dredd: [kneels near Fargo] I didn't kill Hammond. It was him. It was his D.N.A. that convicted me.
[Fargo stares at Dredd, then he understands who was responsible for Dredd's false conviction]
Chief Justice Fargo: Griffin... it was Griffin.
Judge Dredd: Griffin, yes.
Chief Justice Fargo: We've both been deceived, Joseph. I'm so sorry. Rico's killed me and destroyed you. Fi... find him, Joseph.
Judge Dredd: [softly] Don't die.
[Fargo dies. Dredd closes his eyes in deep sorrow. Fergee lowers his head sadly. Dredd glances at the blind lady statue. He takes a gun of one of the dead guards and stand before the statue, determination grows in his heart]
Fergee: What do we do?
[Dredd does not answer]
Fergee: What do we do?
[Dredd turns to him, cocking the gun]
Judge Dredd: Find Rico!

Judge Esposito: With the charge of Pre-Meditated murder. This Tribunal has found, Joseph Dredd: Guilty as charged.
[the audience gasps in disbeleif as Dredd is holding back a disappointed face]
Chief Justice Fargo: Joseph Dredd. You are aware that this council can only provide one punishment for your crime. Death. However, it is also a tradition that the council to honor the last order of a retiring senior Judge.
[Gets up from his seat]
Chief Justice Fargo: Therefore, I step down.
[the audience gasps in disbelief and Dredd gives out a surprised face]
Chief Justice Fargo: As I now take my walk to the Cursed Earth, I would like the council to honor *my* last order: Be leniant with Judge Dredd, for this actions and his years of service.
Judge Griffin: [Gets up] We shall honor this one, Judge Fargo.
[Fargo leaves the court]
Judge Griffin: Joseph Dredd, step forward.
[Dredd Steps forward]
Judge Griffin: Your sentence shall be, life imprisonment at Aspen Penal Colony and is to be carried out immediately.
[Holds up the Book of Law]
Judge Griffin: As it is written...
Judge Hershey: [Interrupts Griffin] Justice Griffin, this trial has been a farce, I demand an appeal...
Judge Griffin: [Interrupts Hershey] You will accept the court's decision, Judge Hershey.
[Several Judges come into the courtroom and secure Dredd]
Judge Hershey: Dredd, I'm sorry.
Judge Dredd: [as the Judges begin to take him away] You did your best, hershey. Thank you.
Judge Griffin: Let the betrayal of the Law be taken from our court. May his armor be taken from him, and all of his garb of justice.
[the Judges take off his badge and tear his uniform off and cuff him]
Judge Griffin: Let him be strickened from our hearts and our memories, forever.

[Judge Hershey has stopped a man for bumping his hovercar between two other vehicles]
Judge Hershey: [checking his Unicard on the system] Mr Souza, you have a suspended license. You've got 3 counts of driving under the influence...
Fuppie: [interrupting] Hey, you'd better listen! I suggest you walk away and bother somebody else!
[Judge Dredd looms up behind him]
Fuppie: When I said I have powerful friends, I mean powerful!
Judge Dredd: Are we having a problem here, Hershey?
Judge Hershey: Not at all, Dredd, nothing I can't handle. Suspended license, 3 DUI's.
Fuppie: [smiling nervously] Uh, this is getting boring, hey... So, uh, what's the tab? Come on, how much is this gonna cost me? You name the price.
Judge Dredd: Hmmmm... Hershey, call Control for an H-wagon.
Fuppie: What? I don't believe it, you're gonna tow me?
[Dredd crosses the road, Souza and Hershey follow him]
Judge Dredd: Towing is for a first offence, this is your fourth violation, you're a menace. How do you plead?
Fuppie: Not guilty.
Judge Dredd: I knew you'd say that.
[Dredd pulls out his Lawgiver gun]
Fuppie: Hey, wait a sec, what are you doing?
Judge Dredd: Grenade.
Lawgiver: Grenade.
Fuppie: NOOOOOO!
[Dredd aims and fires - the hovercar explodes]
Judge Dredd: Happy motoring.