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Quotes for
Tanya MacGaffin (Character)
from "Rubicon" (2010)

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"Rubicon: The Outsider (#1.4)" (2010)
Grant Test: So what are you estimating?
Miles Fiedler: ugh, between ten and a hundred civilians in the target zone... that's a complete wag
Tanya MacGaffin: What's a wag?
Grant Test: Wild-ass guess

Maggie Young: Hey. What's going on in there? Do... you... need something?
Tanya MacGaffin: A blunt instrument.
Maggie Young: Miles or Grant?
Tanya MacGaffin: Both

"Rubicon: Gone in the Teeth (#1.1)" (2010)
Grant Test: You forgot to bring the donuts!
Tanya MacGaffin: Shit! Sorry.
Grant Test: Getting donuts is your most important job.