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Biography for
Maiden in Black (Character)
from Demon's Souls (2009) (VG)

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The Maiden in Black is the players guide through the game she is used throughout the many playthroughs of the game she first appears as you start the game she then leads you to a tutorial and asks you to help her with the blight, at the end of the tutorial you will most likely be killed by the boss at the end (Vanguard), then you will return to the nexus and there the Maiden in Black Resurrects the player and explains Soul/Body Forms. She then sends you to the first world which is the only one unlocked until you complete the first section of world 1 Boletaria Palace. After completing the first world she will tell you the monumental wishes to speak with you, and then after speaking to the monumental you can use the Maiden in Black to Gain soul levels in trade for souls the amount to gain a soul level will increase each time you purchase a level with the maximum level being 712. Other then gaining levels she will speak to you apon the completion of all the worlds and guide you to the "Old Ones" place of rest and from there you can either help lull "The Old One" back to slumber or kill the maiden. Killing the Maiden in black will make the bad ending cutscene play and you will gain 200,000 souls, lulling "The Old One" back to slumber will give you 60,000 souls which will make the good ending cutscene play, either way you gain souls but only the good ending will gain you the World Uniter's trophy. After the games end you will then enter NG+ (New Game Plus) apon playing through the game again and again the enemies health stamina and damage will increase every time to ensure the game stays at the same level of annoyance and frustrating deaths. The Maiden in Black is in the Japanese version referred to as Death but in fact she is merely a once powerful demon that uses her vast knowledge of the soul arts to help and has used wax to seal her eyes so that they can no longer lead her to do evil things.

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