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Dr. Emil Hartman (Character)
from "Bright Falls" (2010)

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"Bright Falls: Time Flies (#1.2)" (2010)
Dr. Emil Hartman: What have you got there?
Jake Fischer: It's my camera. I use it to record interviews, if that's OK.
Dr. Emil Hartman: You're a writer, aren't you?
Jake Fischer: Yeah.
Dr. Emil Hartman: So... write.

Jake Fischer: So maybe you could start by telling me what inspired your book, 'The Creator's Dilemma.'
Dr. Emil Hartman: For years, I dealt with patients who seemed lost - trapped in a reality of their own devising. Can you imagine?... Neither could I. Until I began to think of their dilemma as the universal one.

"Bright Falls: Off the Record (#1.5)" (2010)
Jake Fischer: Can I talk to you for a minute, off the record?
Dr. Emil Hartman: Of course.
Jake Fischer: Since I got here, I've been... blacking out and waking up in really strange places.
Dr. Emil Hartman: What kinds of places?
Jake Fischer: The woods, the lake. I'm worried that when I leave it's not going to stop.
Dr. Emil Hartman: Anything... else?
Jake Fischer: Yeah. I think I killed... a deer... with my car.
Dr. Emil Hartman: ...It happens.