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Quotes for
Marthy Owens (Character)
from Anna Christie (1923)

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Anna Christie (1930/I)
Marthy Owens: Be a good girl, Ann, no matter how lonesome. Happy days. Happy days.

Marthy Owens: Ole square head, huh? Tryin' to kid Marthy Owens, huh? Ha-ha. Oh, I'm on to the game. I wasn't born dragged up on the waterfront for nothin'. You thought I'd make trouble, didn't you? Not me. I'm packin' my duds and I'm quittin' ya. I'm leavin' you flat! Oh, there's plenty of guys on plenty of boats waiin' for me. Always was. I always found. Ha-ha. So, cheer up old square head. I'll be out of the way before your kid gets here. You'll be rid of me for good! And me and you. And good riddance to both of us.
Chris Christofferson: You, that's a good girl, Marthy.
Marthy Owens: Oh, good girl! Cut that bull. Ha-ha. You was always square to me. So, it's 50-50. Nobody owes nobody nothin', do they? Nobody's sore. Still friends.
Chris Christofferson: Oh, by golly, yes, Marthy.

Marthy Owens: That's him. He's, he's comin' in here. Now, brace up!

Marthy Owens: Well, so long, kid. I-I got to beat it. I'll see you later.

Marthy Owens: Well, I like your nerve, alright, alright. Huh! Gee, I'm, I'm sorry I came here to speak to you. Huh! Insulting me! Ha-ha. Well, can you beat it? Ha-ha. I'll be toddlin' along.