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Marquis De Carabas (Character)
from "Neverwhere" (1996)

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"Neverwhere: Knightsbridge (#1.2)" (1996)
The Marquis De Carabas: I'd like to wish you the best in your future career, but I doubt you'll live long enough to have one.

The Marquis De Carabas: Nice in a bodyguard is about as useful as the ability to regurgitate whole lobsters.

"Neverwhere: As Above, So Below (#1.6)" (1996)
The Marquis De Carabas: Don't you think they'll notice you're back? Just "Oh look, there's another angel. Here, grab a harp and on with the Hosannas"?

[Under threat of torture]
Richard Oliver Mayhew: We don't matter. Don't set it free.
The Marquis De Carabas: Actually I matter very much, but I have to agree. Don't do it.

"Neverwhere: Door (#1.1)" (1996)
Richard Oliver Mayhew: Can I ask a question?
The Marquis De Carabas: No. You don't ask any questions. You don't get any answers. You don't stray from the path. You don't even think about what's happening to you right now. Got it?
Richard Oliver Mayhew: Excuse me. I know this is a personal question, but are you clinically insane?
The Marquis De Carabas: It's very unlikely. Why?
Richard Oliver Mayhew: Well, one of us must be.

The Marquis De Carabas: Her family had remarkable recuperative powers. It's a wonder anyone managed to kill them at all, isn't it?

"Neverwhere: Down Street (#1.5)" (1996)
The Marquis De Carabas: When angels go bad, they go worse than anyone. Remember, Lucifer was an angel.