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Dr. Charlotte Bennett (Character)
from I, the Jury (1982)

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I, the Jury (1982)
[last lines]
Dr. Charlotte Bennett: [Last lines] How could you?
Mike Hammer: It was easy.

Mike Hammer: [Hearing screams] What was that?
Dr. Charlotte Bennett: Haven't you heard an orgasm before?
Mike Hammer: Orgasm my ass!

I, the Jury (1953)
Charlotte Manning: Drink, Mr Hammer?
Mike Hammer: No, I'm not much of a champagne drinker, Doc I...
Mike Hammer: [she shows him the bottle] Beer! Pat tell you about too?
Charlotte Manning: No. Jack Williams did. He talked about you quite a lot.
Mike Hammer: That was while you were treating Myrna, isn't it?
Charlotte Manning: Captain Chambers was asking about Myrna when he was here. He wanted to know how strong she was mentally, and whether there was any chance of her resorting to her old habits again
Mike Hammer: There's no chance of that happening, is there Doc?
Charlotte Manning: Let's say, so far so good
Mike Hammer: I'll drink to that
Charlotte Manning: Good
Mike Hammer: [He hands her a glass] Have some
Charlotte Manning: I've never been a beer drinker
Mike Hammer: No? Pleased to introduce you to a new habit
Charlotte Manning: I'm very pleased to meet it