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Knapp (Character)
from Fail Safe (1964)

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Fail Safe (1964)
Gen. Bogan: Sergeant Collins! On the double!
[Collins races to General Bogan at the main communication board of SAC headquarters]
Gen. Bogan: You're backup man on fire control, aren't you?
TSgt. Collins: Yes sir.
Gen. Bogan: Do our Vindicator missiles have both infrared and radar-seeking capacity?
TSgt. Collins: [tentatively] Yes sir.
Gen. Bogan: [grabbing Collins forcefully toward the radio mike] Loud and clear! They've got to know we're on the level!
TSgt. Collins: [fearfully] It has both capacities, sir!
Marshall Nevsky: [Over the radio] Can the radar-seeking mechanism be overloaded by increasing the strength of the signal?
Gen. Bogan: Tell him!
TSgt. Collins: [fearfully] Yes, sir. It can be overloaded, by increasing the power output and sliding through radar frequencies as fast as possible, what happens is the firing mechanism reads the higher amperage as proximity to the target, and detonates the warhead.
Marshall Nevsky: [Over the radio] Thank you General Bogan, we will get back to you.
Gen. Bogan: [quietly] That's all, Sergeant.
[Collins slowly returns to his station within the mammoth bunker, head bowed down in shame]
Congressman Raskob: What does it mean?
Gordon Knapp: We've told them how to blow up our air-to-air missiles, and with them our planes.