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Gloria (Character)
from Wait Until Dark (1967)

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Wait Until Dark (1967)
Gloria: I wanna be gorgeous, guess you can't have everything.

Susy Hendrix: Now... the first thing we have to do is stay calm.
Gloria: I am calm, Susy.
Susy Hendrix: Yes, I know you are, I really know. It's the best thing I've ever heard.
Gloria: Are they detectives?
Susy Hendrix: No, honey, they're not detectives. They're sure not detectives.
Susy Hendrix: The one out on the street, can I get by him?
Gloria: Not without him seeing you.
Susy Hendrix: Then I have to stay here.

Susy Hendrix: Come. Get up on a chair and look out the window. There's a police car out there. Can you see the face of the man inside of it?
Gloria: There's no police car.
Susy Hendrix: Are you sure?
Gloria: Yeah, I'm sure.
Susy Hendrix: There's no car out there?
Gloria: Well, yes there is. It's a kind of squatty truck. Right next to the phone booth.
Susy Hendrix: Phone booth? Is there anyone inside the truck?
Gloria: Well, there's a man standing near it.
Susy Hendrix: Is it Mr. Roat? The man who was here when you brought the groceries?
Gloria: I don't think so. Susy, he's coming this way!

Susy Hendrix: [Upon discovering the doll's whereabouts] You had it?
Gloria: I was only borrowing...
Susy Hendrix: Gloria, quick, we've got to hide it. Where is it? Give it to me.
Gloria: Under your feet. I was only borrowing it, really. That's why I brought it back.
Susy Hendrix: Where are we going to put it? In the washing machine. Come, help me.

Susy Hendrix: Gloria?
Gloria: Yeah?
Susy Hendrix: How would you like to do something difficult and terribly dangerous?
Gloria: I'd love it!

Susy Hendrix: [sending her on dangerous mission] As soon as your safe, I'll call the police.
Gloria: Okay. Gee, I wish something like this would happen every day...

Wait Until Dark (1982) (TV)
Suzy Hendrix: [Suzy is trying to make her apartment completely dark] Can you see me moving?
Gloria: Yes, just.
Suzy Hendrix: There must be a light coming from somewhere, where is it coming from?
Gloria: From under the door at the top of the stairs.
Suzy Hendrix: Hell! OK, wait, There's a broom in the spare closet. Go out in the hall and smash every light you can see, just go until you can't see anything.
Gloria: WILL DO, ha ha...
[she does]
Gloria: All out!
Suzy Hendrix: Close the door. Now, can you see anything?
Gloria: Nothing at all.
Suzy Hendrix: All dark?
Gloria: Yes.
Suzy Hendrix: Good! OK, off you go then, know what to do?
Gloria: Asbury Park, and tell Sam everything!
Suzy Hendrix: Lock this door, check that the street door is locked, then go out the back way and run until you find a taxi!
Gloria: Bye, Suzy...
Suzy Hendrix: Gloria? I don't know anyone who could do this as well as you.
Gloria: Oh boy, I wish a thing like this would happen every day, HA HA!