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Quotes for
Fergus Coffey (Character)
from The Burrowers (2008)

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The Burrowers (2008)
Fergus Coffey: [taking a photo from his jacket] That's Maryanne.
Walnut Callaghan: She yours?
Fergus Coffey: I was working on her.

Fergus Coffey: He called you Walnut.
Walnut Callaghan: Yeah, he did.
Fergus Coffey: Is that your name?
Walnut Callaghan: The name's Callaghan.
Fergus Coffey: Callaghan. You Irish?
[they both smile]

Fergus Coffey: The name's Coffey.
Walnut Callaghan: Coffey. You black?
[they both smile]

Fergus Coffey: I came close to joining the army after New York. Impossible to get work there. No one will hire the Irish on account of us being a bunch of thieves and beggars.
Walnut Callaghan: Sounds familiar.

William Parcher: Here, it's yours.
[passes Coffey a crucifix he's just taken from a victim]
Fergus Coffey: What do I do with it?
William Parcher: Hellfire, I don't know. Find comfort in your Maker. It's your watch.
[passes him his rifle]

Walnut Callaghan: We've got a fire.
William Parcher: Careful, we don't know if these are friendlies.
Fergus Coffey: Yeah, well, as long as they are human.

[first lines]
Fergus Coffey: [voice-over] It's about... Maryanne.