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Dr. Leonard Stafford (Character)
from Amityville: It's About Time (1992) (V)

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Amityville: It's About Time (1992) (V)
Jacob Sterling: [to Dr. Stafford] High-tech technology. You've got to love it. Put 'er there, pal.
[the two shake hands]
Jacob Sterling: Good firm grip. Look, I just want to take a second here and let you know how much I appreciate you coming over and taking care of my family. God knows, I've been in no shape to do it. I owe you one, buddy. So, you're a doctor, right?
Dr. Leonard Stafford: Yeah. I'm a psychiatrist.
Jacob Sterling: A doctor. Sick is sick, right? Whether it's upstairs, or down in the basement.
[gestures to Leonard's robe]
Jacob Sterling: Did I tell you I went to med school? Almost.
Dr. Leonard Stafford: Uh, no. You didn't.
Jacob Sterling: You bet. But I ended up studying drafting. Majored in architecture. And I build things. Lots of things. But sometimes, doc. I've gotta tell you. Don't think I'm weird. Sometimes I get the urge to tear them down. Just get a wrecking ball and level blocks and blocks of ranch style homes. You've got to experience a similar thing. You spend all day healing people. Making them feel better. You ever want to hurt them? Make them bleed? Balance the books? Clean the slate?
[Pulls out a pistol]
Jacob Sterling: Take a look at this puppy. It's a 'Walther P38K'. Actually quite old. Worth a lot. German construction. The SS used to carry these. Some of the Berlin police still carry these today, although they're actually being replaced by more sophisticated sidearms. It's a terrific piece of machinery. Incredibly accurate.
[racks the slide]
Jacob Sterling: Never jams. It's just a work of art to look at. But I guess its day has passed.
[holds the gun to his own temple]
Jacob Sterling: I'll tell you one thing, though. You turn this puppy on some asshole and you can slip your wrist through the hole it'd leave behind.
[turns the gun on Leonard]
Jacob Sterling: Are you fucking Andrea? *My* Andrea? Don't lie to me, you bastard fornicator.
Dr. Leonard Stafford: What are you TALKING ABOUT? Look, you guys have a relationship, and I'm not part of that!
Jacob Sterling: What about tonight? Are you *going* to fuck her? Here? In *my* house? Just across the hall from where *we* used to sleep together? You fucked her!
Dr. Leonard Stafford: No!
Jacob Sterling: Don't lie to me.
Dr. Leonard Stafford: Okay, okay. Yes. I did it, okay?
Jacob Sterling: And what about after?
Dr. Leonard Stafford: What?
Jacob Sterling: Lisa. Are you going after my daughter?
Dr. Leonard Stafford: Never! I would NEVER!
Jacob Sterling: I can't let you do that. I've got to stop you. Right here. Right now.
Dr. Leonard Stafford: No! NO! NOOOO!
[Jacob shoots him and Leonard realizes he hallucinated the encounter]