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Quotes for
Bella Kurnitz (Character)
from Lost in Yonkers (1993)

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Lost in Yonkers (1993)
Johnny: I wanna join the Army.
Aunt Bella: The Army? *Our* Army?
Johnny: Yeah! But they wouldn't take me. I couldn't pass the, the - hatever they give you I couldn't pass.

Aunt Bella: Do ya, do you know what color my eyes are, Johnny?
Johnny: No, what?
Aunt Bella: You're lookin' right at 'em.
Johnny: Oh, uh. I'm a little color blind.
Aunt Bella: You have beautiful eyes.
Johnny: Naw. Men don't have beautiful eyes.
Aunt Bella: Oh, yes, they do. Don't tell me. Wanta kiss me?
Johnny: Yeah. Yeah I do, I really would.
Aunt Bella: Then, kiss me.
Johnny: I will.
Aunt Bella: I mean now. Today... sometime today, Okay? We've done it before, you know. You gonna put your arms around me or not?
Johnny: Don't tell me how to do it, I know how to do it.
Aunt Bella: Then, do it, don't say you're gonna do it.
Johnny: I said,"Okay".
Aunt Bella: [they start to kiss gently, then fall to the ground and Johnny becomes more forceful] Okay, that's enough. Johnny, I can't breathe. Okay, Johnny, I have to breathe! Okay, that's enough for today.
[breaking off]
Aunt Bella: Woo! I don't know why they wouldn't take you in the Army!

Aunt Bella: You guys have to promise not to tell grandma! Jay?
Jay: I promise.
Aunt Bella: Arty?
Arty: She and I have very short conversations.