Betty Anderson
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Betty Anderson (Character)
from "Father Knows Best" (1954)

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"Father Knows Best: Love and Learn (#6.27)" (1960)
Margaret Anderson: [after Jim's plan appears to be working] You think you're pretty smart, don't you?
Jim Anderson: Well, you know what they say - "Father...
Betty 'Princess' Anderson: - crows best".

"Father Knows Best: The Christmas Story (#1.12)" (1954)
[the Anderson family are trapped at an abandoned mountain lodge on Christmas Eve]
Betty 'Princess' Anderson: We've got to get back. If I don't go to the Christmas party, I'll die!
James 'Jim' Anderson: Well, don't do it out here. Wait until you get inside where it's warmer.

"Father Knows Best: Togetherness (#6.16)" (1960)
[first lines]
Jim Anderson: That's what I said! Famous! We are on the verge of becoming a famous family!
Betty 'Princess' Anderson: Well, why? How do we rate that?
Kathy 'Kitten' Anderson: What did we do, Daddy?
Jim Anderson: Well, I'm not exactly sure! All I know is we're gonna be written up in a magazine!

"Father Knows Best: The Art of Romance (#3.34)" (1957)
James 'Jim' Anderson: [arguing] ... this applies to all women. You insist on taking all the credit. When a man, of his own volition and free choice, selects a girl he likes - the girl immediately claims she hooked him. Chances are she had nothing to do with it.
Betty 'Princess' Anderson: Oh, Father! You are naive.
Margaret Anderson: You know the old saying, dear. 'A girl let's a boy chase her, till she catches him.'
James 'Jim' Anderson: [exasperated] Oh, Margaret.
Margaret Anderson: Well, that's how I caught you.