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Nicola (Character)
from Flirting (1991)

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Flirting (1991)
Nicola Radcliffe: So what did you actually do together?
Thandiwe Adjewa: I beg your pardon?
Nicola Radcliffe: No, it's all right. You don't have to tell me. I think... if I liked somebody enough... I'd want to...
Thandiwe Adjewa: Have you ever?
Nicola Radcliffe: Of course not.
Thandiwe Adjewa: Almost?
Nicola Radcliffe: Well... Do you remember the young guy who was fixing the bell tower? I used to take him a cup of tea each morning before assembly. I rather liked him even though he never said anything much. I used to... close my eyes... and sit on a chair... and let him touch me all over... as long as he promised not to take anything off. I thought it was so exquisitely daring I'd almost faint. I'd have to sit down because I was trembling so much, my legs would've given way. Afterwards I'd be reading the lesson, convinced all the teachers must know because... because I was so shivery delicious all over.
Thandiwe Adjewa: I'm amazed.
Nicola Radcliffe: So am I when I think of it. Which I do most of the time, especially in maths. So, here's to risks.