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Dr. Chambers (Character)
from The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934)

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The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934)
Dr. Chambers: You know, the fact is, a change from these surroundings would do you a world of good. Italy's the place for you!
Elizabeth Barrett: Italy? Oh, no Doctor. This is my Italy.
Dr. Chambers: Rubbish. That's just it. You don't want to go anywhere. You don't want to see anybody. Confound it, my dear, isn't there something you want to do?
Elizabeth Barrett: Yes. And I'm doing it. I'm writing poetry. And there are those you think it isn't such bad poetry. Mr. Robert Browning has sent me several letters of approval.
Dr. Chambers: Browning? Never heard of him.

Elizabeth Barrett: Oh Doctor, that reminds me, sit down a minute. You remember PaPa suggesting to you that a certain kind of beer called Porter might do me good?
Dr. Chambers: Yes! And an excellent suggestion, too!
Elizabeth Barrett: Oh, forgive me, but it was nothing of the kind. I've had to drink it twice a day and in consequence my life has become one long misery.
Dr. Chambers: Bless my soul!
Elizabeth Barrett: I'm not exaggerating! One long misery.
Dr. Chambers: You poor little lady.
Elizabeth Barrett: There's no use my opinion to PaPa, but, if, you dear, Doctor Chambers, would suggest to him that something else might be equally beneficial? Why...
Dr. Chambers: What would you say to a couple of glasses of hot milk?
Elizabeth Barrett: Oh, I hate milk. But, I'll drink it all day long if you'll only rescue me from Porter.