Joan Campbell
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Joan Campbell (Character)
from "Covert Affairs" (2010)

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"Covert Affairs: Good Advices (#2.2)" (2011)
Annie Walker: You're sending me to Paris?
Joan Campbell: See, now I'm already having second thoughts.
Annie Walker: But... you just gave me the assignment.
Joan Campbell: Yeah, but you've got that look.
Annie Walker: Look? What look?
Joan Campbell: The look that every female operative gets the first time I send her to Paris.

Joan Campbell: I don't want a postponement.
Auggie Anderson: You know, I can that thing with the guy with the strings getting pulled. One phone call.
Joan Campbell: It's my civic duty.
Auggie Anderson: Okay, but what if you get stuck on some O.J.-like trial? You could be sequestered for weeks.
Joan Campbell: I'm not gonna be sequestered, because I won't even be selected.
Auggie Anderson: You don't know that.
Joan Campbell: If you were on trial, would you want me on your jury?
Auggie Anderson: Can I take the Fifth on that one?

"Covert Affairs: Vamos (#4.1)" (2013)
Joan Campbell: [after Henry Wilcox "bumps into" her] Doesn't it strike you as odd that he just happened to be here, drowning his sorrows at our neighborhood restaurant?
Arthur Campbell: Well, Henry doesn't do anything without a purpose.