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Quotes for
Rufus (Character)
from "Robin Hood" (2006)

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"Robin Hood: Sins of the Father (#3.4)" (2009)
Rufus: So Sheriff, how was the show? You get a kick out of it?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Very good. You make Gisborne look... all warm and snuggly.

Rufus: Robin Hood, I assume.
Robin Hood: We meet again! Lucky you.

Rufus: You're wasting your time. Already have what we need, Robin. Haven't you worked it out yet? Charity is pointless.
Robin Hood: Helping the innocent is never pointless.
[flips over Edmund, who was advancing on him from behind]
Rufus: You hurt my son again, you'll suffer for it.
Robin Hood: Oh ho ho! Well, who's going to make me suffer? You? A man who bullies young girls?
[shakes head]
Robin Hood: Now, you ask nicely, you say "please," and I won't kill you.
Rufus: You see, my father was the kind of man who asked nicely, and I watched him get kicked around for it. So I don't ask nicely, and I don't get kicked around. Kill me if you want. But I don't beg.
Robin Hood: The girl's coming with me.
Rufus: Take her! A sweet face isn't worth this much trouble. Oh!
[turns to Kate]
Rufus: One other thing. I'll be telling my good friend, the Sheriff, who your new friends are. So you'd better keep your pretty face hidden from now on. You just made it onto Nottingham's most wanted list.

Robin Hood: Well, we just keep running into each other, don't we? Hey!
Rufus: Must be fate.

Robin Hood: You can have your son back on one condition: you let our two go.
Rufus: You think you can play me that easy?
Robin Hood: I know you have some emotion, however small. He's your son. I know you want him back alive.
Rufus: And you're Robin Hood. You don't kill unless you have to. Me? I'm not so sweet. I've hidden your friends somewhere you are never going to find. So you make sure my son is back by midday, and if you're lucky, your friends might still be breathing.