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Quotes for
Finn (Character)
from "Robin Hood" (2006)

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"Robin Hood: Cause and Effect (#3.2)" (2009)
Finn: No weapons, yet they fight like lions for that man...

Robin Hood: A visitor? I'll not shake your hand, if you don't mind.
Finn: They tell me you were once a nobleman. That you gave up your title. Lost your lands, lost all your wealth.
Robin Hood: The people have endured far worse.
Finn: They tell me you lost the woman you loved.
Robin Hood: [chuckles] What do you want from me, Irishman?
Finn: We're the same, you and me. We both have cause. But you, Robin. You inspire men. I've seen it right here. You see, my people - well, my people are as oppressed by this Prince John as your people. And yet, they will not rise at the call of Finn MacMurrough.
Robin Hood: ...and you want my help.
Finn: I want you to join forces with me. We can learn from each other, you and me. Together, we can smash this Prince John and the Sheriff, all of them. I'll help you free England, You help me free Ireland. We could both be Kings. Now, what do you say to that?
Robin Hood: England already has a King.
[attacks Finn, puts him in headlock]
Robin Hood: RICHARD. His name is Richard.
Finn: I only have to shout. There's half a battalion out there.
[Robin releases him]
Finn: You think over what I've said to you. Perhaps you don't want a crown, but a just and fair country. If that's what you want... I might be the only chance you have left.

Finn: A small group of highly committed men is better then an army of slaves.