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Quotes for
Charlie Anders (Character)
from Kill Me Later (2001)

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Kill Me Later (2001)
Charlie Anders: You shouldn't smoke, you know, it'll kill ya.
Shawn Holloway: You're kidding, right?
Charlie Anders: Sorry.

Billy: It's like you said all she wanted was the money... I didn't mean shit to her.
Charlie Anders: She was just the wrong girl Billy...
Billy: No, you were right. women are bad, masturbating's good.
Charlie Anders: No... masturbating's lonely, Bill.

Charlie Anders: Listen, if you weren't standing up on the roof like a signpost, we wouldn't be in this shit. My mate's been shot. He could be dead. You're a fucking menace, right? I should really kill you.
Shawn Holloway: You're right. Well, come on. I haven't got all day.

Charlie Anders: We're gonna have to jump.
Shawn Holloway: I feel sick.
Charlie Anders: We'll have sharpshooters around us any minute now.
Shawn Holloway: I'm not jumping.
Charlie Anders: Hold on. Just a minute ago, you were gonna jump thirteen floors. What's the difference?
Shawn Holloway: Well, that's different. Then I was gonna die for sure. Now I'm probably just gonna break my neck or my legs, and become a quadriplegic, and then what if...
Charlie Anders: What if you? What if you? What if you? What if you actually make it, and we get away from here? Jesus, are you always such a downer? No wonder you want to kill yourself.

Shawn Holloway: You made a deal!
Charlie Anders: So sue me. I'm a thief.