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Annie Eason (Character)
from Annie's Point (2005) (TV)

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Annie's Point (2005) (TV)
Richard Eason: Let me speak to Ella.
Annie Eason: She's not here.
Richard Eason: Where is she?
Annie Eason: She's getting... a tattoo of a big dragon on her back.
Richard Eason: She would never do that.
Annie Eason: And I'm getting a skull and crossbones on my butt!

Jack Backis: Annie, I picked up the phone a thousand times to call you, but with every passing year it became more difficult to think what to say.
Annie Eason: Well that's not all your fault, I have a phone too.

Annie Eason: Can't an old person take a nap without everyone making a fuss about it?
Richard Eason: Mom, I thought...
Annie Eason: Thought what? Thought that I came all this way to die?

Annie Eason: We're like a modern day Thelma & Louise.

Ella Eason: No offense, but skinny dipping with my grandmother does not sound like fun, it sounds kind of creepy.
Annie Eason: Well I'm going whether you are or not.