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LordKat (Character)
from "The Nostalgia Critic" (2007)

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"Until We Win: Silver Surfer (#1.9)" (2009)
LordKat: Silver Surfer is one of the more loved characters in the Marvel universe. He is the embodiment of true freedom, he'll go anywhere and do anything. He wields the power cosmic, the ability to manipulate the very power of the universe itself. He can create or repair anything. He can travel to almost anywhere in the universe in an instant. He doesn't need to eat, breathe or sleep. He can augment his physical strength with the power cosmic to be super strong as he needs to be. He is the Silver Surfer, and if he touches anything, he dies.

LordKat: This is a mess. I mean, God. Why are there Lego blocks with needles of instant death sticking out of them floating in the middle of space? What are these machines that spit out blobs from Dragon Warrior? What the hell happened here? Did some kid go crazy with crayons?

LordKat: A harder difficulty? Why does this game need to be hard? What sick, psychotic fuck play tested and said, "yeah, you know what; dying all the time is alright, but I wish the game killed me more." That just means I haven't beaten the game yet. Oh, god damn it.

Kickassia (2010) (V)
8-Bit Mickey, Lee, Handsome Tom, Paw, Film Brain, LordKat, Rollo T: I believe in Santa Christ.

LordKat: You look me in the eye and tell me he's not stupid enough to do something that crazy.
[Dramatic music builds as the Snob gears up with his answer]
Cinema Snob: [Deep breath] Okay, you have a point.

"Atop the Fourth Wall: AT4W & Spoony: Experiment Warrior #2 and #3" (2010)
Linkara: Because as you know, Mr. Anderson, it is purpose that created us.
Dr. Insano: Purpose that connects us.
Nostalgia Chick: Purpose that pulls us.
Benzaie: That guides us.
Bargo: That drives us.
LordKat: That defines.
Bennett the Sage: It is purpose that binds us.
Linkara: We're here because of you, Mr. Anderson, we're here to take from you-
[looks around]
Linkara: Wait, where the hell did you all come from?

"Until We Win: Hudson Hawk (#2.30)" (2010)
LordKat: Well, after jerking yourself off for a few minutes, you'll undoubtedly try punching the painting and make the same "what the fuck" face I did.

"Until We Win: Snake Rattle Roll (#2.13)" (2010)
LordKat: I mean, the story here is: you're a snake, go eat shit. There's no puzzles, nothing to stimulate your brain, it's just a stupid snake dying over and over and over again. Why do this? Why bother trying to beat it? Because it's a fucking game and it must be beat, that's why.

"Atop the Fourth Wall: Sonic Live (#3.38)" (2010)
MarzGurl: A poorly written, ugly mess.
The Cat: Someone's gotta do it.
Takahata101: And it's right about time he did.
The Last Angry Geek: They made Watchmen without the slimy squid.
Y Ruler of Time: And he'll have you know that's pretty low.
Angry Joe: But not like the standards of the 90s Kid.
Sean: Settin' ablaze crossovers.
8-Bit Mickey: One shots and tie-ins.
LordKat: Linkara stands in reality defiance.
Lee: Atop the Fourth Wall.