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Ben Hubbard (Character)
from The Little Foxes (1941)

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The Little Foxes (1941)
Ben Hubbard: [From his balcony] Mornin', Regina.
Regina Giddens: Really, Ben! You look very silly in your nightgown. You shouldn't show yourself.
Ben Hubbard: That's why I never got married. I shall dress and come over for breakfast with you and Alexandra.
Regina Giddens: No, don't. I hate conversation before I've had something hot.

Ben Hubbard: Regina, you're a fool! How many times did Mama tell you it's unwise for a good-lookin' woman to frown? How many times have I told you that softness and a smile will do more to the hearts of men?
Regina Giddens: I'll do things in my own way, Ben. I know what I'm doing.
Ben Hubbard: I hope you do, Regina.

Regina Giddens: How much more time can you give me?
Ben Hubbard: Horace has refused.
Regina Giddens: He'll change his mind. I'll find a way to make him. How much longer can you wait?
Ben Hubbard: Well, I could wait a few days, but I can't wait a few days. I could, but I can't. Could and can't.

Ben Hubbard: Then, too, one loses today and wins tomorrow.

William Marshall: You don't have to convince me about 'Hubbard Sons.' I'm sure you're the right people for the deal. You want the mill here, I want it here. But it's not my business WHY you want it.
Ben Hubbard: They're to bring the machine to the cotton, and not the cotton to the machine.

Ben Hubbard: Four conversations are three too many.

Ben Hubbard: [to Regina] That's cynical. But cynicism is an unpleasant way of telling the truth.

Ben Hubbard: I always say to myself, I don't like nervous people. I can't trust 'em. Leo, you are one of the people who bore me. An' I'm getting' too old to wanna' be bored. I'm just getting' so I hate it. Now you take your nerves on outta' here and go upstairs and take a warm bath. That'll be good for you - a nice, warm bath.

Regina Giddens: You're a good loser, Ben. I like that.
Ben Hubbard: Well, I say to myself, what's the good? You and I aren't like Oscar. We're not sour people. I think that comes from a good digestion.
[Regina giggles]
Ben Hubbard: Until one loses today, and wins tomorrow. I say to myself, years of planning, and I get what I want. And then I don't get it... But I'm not discouraged. The world's open for people like you and me. There's thousands of us all over the world. We'll own the country some day. They won't try to stop us. We'll get along.
Regina Giddens: [Amused] I think so.

Ben Hubbard: Down here we have a strange custom. We drink the last drink as a toast. That's to prove that the Southerner's always on his feet for the last drink.
[later he admitted to making that up for the occasion]

Another Part of the Forest (1948)
Regina Hubbard: How do I look, honey?
Ben Hubbard: Bright and shiny, honey, like a nice new two-bit piece.