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Quotes for
Worth (Character)
from Cube (1997)

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Cube (1997)
Quentin: For Christ's sake, Worth, what do you live for? Do you have a wife, or a girlfriend, or something?
Worth: Nope. I've gotta pretty fine collection of pornography.

Leaven: [Leaven, Kazan & Worth reaching the exit of the cube] What are you doing? You can't quit now. It's not your fault!
Worth: I have nothing... to live for out there.
Leaven: What is out there?
Worth: Boundless human stupidity.
Leaven: I can live with that.

Worth: Hey! Listen to what I'm saying. We haven't been moving in circles, the rooms have.

Worth: What do ya think?
Leaven: You don't have a lot of lives left.

Quentin: Is that your two cents worth, Worth?
Worth: For what it's worth.

Worth: I'm the poison. I designed the outer shell.

Worth: This is an accident, a forgotten, perpetual public works project. You think anybody wants to ask questions? All they want is a clear conscience and a fat paycheck.

Holloway: What have we come to? It's so much worse than I thought.
Worth: Not really. Just more pathetic.

Quentin: Somebody has to take responsibility around here.
Worth: And that somebody has to be you?
Quentin: Not all of us have the luxury of playing nihilist.
Worth: Not all of us are conceited enough to play hero.
Quentin: [growing increasingly angry] This is a will to live. Everybody's got it, Worth, even you. Especially you! Hiding behind that cynical front.
Worth: A will to live. That's the warm, cozy feeling deep inside? Thanks, Quentin, I'm a new man.
Quentin: Oh. Poor Worth. Nobody loves me. If that's the chip on your shoulder, why did you lug it all this way? Why didn't you just lie down and die?
[Quentin opens a new door, then turns to stare at Worth, nodding toward the opening]
Quentin: Do it. Show us you have some backbone and jump in the sushi machine. Be a man.
[Worth stares steadily back, without moving. Quentin turns back to the door]
Quentin: Thought so.
Worth: Fuck you, Quentin! I don't wanna die. I'm just being realistic. You think they would go to all the trouble to build this thing if we could just walk out?
Quentin: You think they would have left us clues and let us beat it so far, if there wasn't a way out?
Worth: You think we matter? We don't.
Quentin: Put us out of your misery so we can get on with getting out of here!
Worth: Oh, you're not getting out of here.
Quentin: Yes, we are.
Worth: No, you're not.
Quentin: Yes, we are!
Worth: [shouting furiously] There is no way out of here!
Quentin: Gotcha.
Holloway: [shocked] How do you know that?
Quentin: Answer the question, Worth.
Holloway: Oh, God.
Quentin: Who are you?

Holloway: It's all the same machine, right? The Pentagon, multinational corporations, the police. If you do one little job, you build a widget in Saskatoon, and the next thing you know, it's two miles under the desert, the essential component of a death machine. I was right! All along, my whole life, I knew it! I told you, Quentin. Nobody's ever going to call me paranoid again! We've gotta get out of here and blow the lid off this thing!
Worth: Holloway, you don't get it.
Holloway: Then help me, please. I need to know!
Worth: This may be hard for you to understand, but there is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge. It, it's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan. Can you grasp that? Big Brother is not watching you.

Holloway: [after Rennes is killed] I think we *have* to ask the big questions! What does it want? What is it thinking?
Worth: "One down, four to go."

Quentin: Why put people in it?
Worth: Because it's here. You have to use it, or you admit it's pointless.
Quentin: But it, it *is* pointless.
Worth: Quentin... that's my point.

[They are staring, wide-eyed, at each other as they begin to understand the coding]
Leaven: How do you map a point that keeps moving?
Worth: [He thinks for a few moments, then:] Permutations.
[They stare at each other again, realizing they've made a breakthrough]

Quentin: Why don't you tell us what your purpose is, Worth?
Worth: Often wondered that myself. I'm just a guy, I work in an office building doing office building stuff. I wasn't exactly bursting with joie de vivre before I got here, life just sucks in general.
Holloway: Oh I can't stand that attitude.
Leaven: 'Cos he's right.

Leaven: Is he dead?
Worth: Not quite.
Quentin: Not even close!

[last lines]
Worth: Kazan! Get out through the door!

Worth: We've been going in circles.
Quentin: That can't be.
Worth: [Quentin hauls Leaven off the ground and over to the window to the outside] Where are we?
Leaven: I don't know.
Quentin: [roaring like a lion] Where are we?
Leaven: *You* figure it out! You haven't done anything! All you do is freak out, you murderer!
[Leaven weeps, while Worth is oddly laughing. Quentin drops to the floor]
Quentin: I guess you were right, Worth. There is no way out of here.
Quentin: [Quentin begins crying, and Kazan pats his head] Get away from me.
Worth: [Worth has been thinking, and he gets to his feet] Wasn't Rennes killed in that room?
[Worth re-opens the door to the darkness outside and asks:]
Worth: How come there's nothing out there?
Quentin: It's the edge.
Worth: We weren't at the edge before. Where's the room that killed Rennes?
Quentin: [flings a boot out into the darkness] Fuck off!
Worth: Oh, that was good.
Quentin: What difference does it make? We're dead anyways.
Worth: Hey, listen to what I'm saying! There was a room there before. We haven't been moving in circles; the rooms have!
Leaven: Of course.
Quentin: Rooms...?
Leaven: That explains the thunder and the shaking. We've been shifting the whole time.
Leaven: It, it's the only logical explanation.
[she climbs up to the window into darkness next to Worth]
Leaven: I'm such an idiot.
Worth: What are you on to, Leaven?

Leaven: Give me a minute. Okay. The numbers are markers; points on the map, right?
Worth: Right.
Leaven: And how do you map a point that keeps moving?
Worth: Permutations.
Quentin: Permu - what?
Leaven: Permutations. A list of all the coordinates that the room passes through. Like, a map that tells you where the room starts, how many times it moves, and where it moves to.
Quentin: The number tells you all that?
Leaven: I don't know. See, I've been looking at only one point on the map. Which is probably the starting position. All I saw was what the Cube looked like before it started to move.
Quentin: Okay, so it's moving. How do we get out?
Leaven: 27. - I know where the exit is.
Quentin: [standing up] Where?
Leaven: [ferociously] Stay away from me.
Worth: Back off, Quentin!
Quentin: I just want to know. Don't you want to know?
Leaven: [to Worth] You remember that room we passed through before? The one with the coordinate larger than 26?
Worth: What about it?
Leaven: That coordinate placed the room outside the cube.
Worth: A bridge!
Leaven: Right! But only in its original position.
Quentin: What are you talking about?
Leaven: Look. The room starts off as a bridge. And then it moves its way through the maze, which is where we ran into it. But, at some point, it must return to its original position.
Worth: So the bridge is only a bridge...
Leaven: For a short period of time. This thing is like a giant combination lock. When the rooms are in their starting position, the lock is open. But when they move out of alignment, the lock closes!