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Georgie Pillson (Character)
from "Mapp & Lucia" (1985)

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"Mapp & Lucia: Lobster Pots (#1.4)" (1985)
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: The letter of the Brocklebanks. I saw at once what I could make of it. Really, Georgie, I turned it into a stroke of genius.
Georgie Pillson: Well, Lucia, it was a stroke of genius already.

Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: I can hardly be expected to live where I don't want to so that you don't lose a parlour-maid.
Georgie Pillson: It's not just that! Riseholme would be ditch-water without you.
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Thank you, Georgie, I was wondering if and when, as the lawyers say, you'd think of that.

Georgie Pillson: Well, there it is. I shall just go back to Riseholme without Foljambe or you.
[Lucia shoots him a look]
Georgie Pillson: Without you or Foljambe.

Georgie Pillson: I wish I had never sent you that Italian letter.
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Georgie!
Georgie Pillson: Well, if I hadn't sent it, your reputation here would have suffered a...
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Irretrievable eclipse.

Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Since I've changed my plans, I shall also change my will. I shall leave Grebe to you. And, well, a small sum of money.
Georgie Pillson: How very kind! Oh, but I hope it will be ages and ages before you...
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: So do I.

Georgie Pillson: We've the Socialists to blame for that Bolshie attitude.

"Mapp & Lucia: The Italian Connection (#1.3)" (1985)
Georgie Pillson: [dressed as Beau Brummell] Do I look the thing?
Major Benjamin 'Benjy' Flint: You look exactly the thing, old man. Whatever it is... Oscar Wilde... Marie Antoinette.

Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Mr Wyse certainly suspects something of the sort.
Georgie Pillson: Yes, he said there'd been some hanky-panky, which is pretty strong language for him.

Georgie Pillson: All Tilling is agog!

Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Folkstone or Littlestone, whichever you prefer.
Georgie Pillson: Well, nobody could prefer Littlestone!

"Mapp & Lucia: Battle Stations (#1.2)" (1985)
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: My dear, you can get another parlour-maid.
Georgie Pillson: Well, if it comes to that, Cadman can get another wife!

Georgie Pillson: To think I've left her five hundred pounds in my will. Now I shall have to add a codicil, "If still in my employ".
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: But after you're dead, Georgie, you won't miss the five hundred pounds.

"Mapp & Lucia: The Village Fete (#1.1)" (1985)
Georgie Pillson: [after meeting the Padre, who affects a phoney Scottish accent] Funny accent he had, didn't he?
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Little tipsy, I thought.
Georgie Pillson: Scotch, perhaps.
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Or both, perhaps.

"Mapp & Lucia: The Owl and the Pussycat (#1.5)" (1985)
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: If you were about to embark on a mésalliance, would you honestly expect me to stay mum?
Georgie Pillson: Honestly?
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Yes.
Georgie Pillson: No.
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Well, there you are. Or if I was, wouldn't you be the first to point out the positive dangers?
Georgie Pillson: Well, yes and no.
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Which?
Georgie Pillson: No.
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: Well! I couldn't sleep with a clear conscience if I didn't... what's the phrase?
Georgie Pillson: Put your oar in?
Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas: That's *not* what I was going to say!