Sheila Jackson
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Sheila Jackson (Character)
from "Shameless" (2011)

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"Shameless: Nana Gallagher Had an Affair (#1.10)" (2011)
Sheila Jackson: So, I'm just curious about what happens at the Purity Ball tonight.
Eddie Jackson: Well, it's a Christian event designed to strengthen the bond between fathers and daughters. We make a covenant... of purity, like an oath. And then we exchange promise rings and, uh we do some chastity prayers. It's fun.
Sheila Jackson: Wow. Do they have these, um, balls for young men?
Eddie Jackson: [perplexed] Why would they?

"Shameless: Episode #2.0" (2004)
Sheila: [while giving birth on the floor of the Gallagher living room] Give me another consonant, Carol!

"Shameless: Episode #1.4" (2004)
Frank Gallagher: We've just kicked a confession out of ice cream Alec, he's admitted to dipping his nob in the tubs.
Sheila Jackson: What, he took little Jody!
Frank Gallagher: We don't know till he comes out of theatre!

"Shameless: Frank the Plumber (#3.9)" (2013)
Sheila Jackson: [Coming out of a depression-fueled daze] What time is it? Are you skipping school because of me?
Debbie Gallagher: I didn't wanna go anyway. All anybody ever does is try to copy off me, but no-one wants to sit with me at lunch. Everybody's mean. Middleschool's stupid. Mean girls suck.
Sheila Jackson: My daughter's a mean girl. I don't know how it happened.
Debbie Gallagher: It's not your fault.
Sheila Jackson: But I'm her mother.
Debbie Gallagher: If how we turn out is all about how our mother is, then I'm pretty screwed. Right?

"Shameless: Episode #1.6" (2004)
Norma: You abused her.
Frank Gallagher: She asked me to!
Norma: Walloping her?
Frank Gallagher: What? When?
Sheila Jackson: Frank, you never!
Frank Gallagher: [to Sheila] Fuck off!
[turns to Monica]
Frank Gallagher: When?
Monica Gallagher: That May Bank Holiday.
Frank Gallagher: You hit me in the face with a pan of fucking porridge!
Monica Gallagher: And you hit me back!
Frank Gallagher: So, Queensbury rules. You broke me nose and two front teeth, up to Casualty looking like Ann fucking Widdecombe. You started it, you mad bitch!