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Nigel Cassidy (Character)
from "Cracker" (1993)

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"Cracker: One Day a Lemming Will Fly: Part 2 (#1.7)" (1993)
Fitz: Now, why did you try to kill yourself?
Nigel Cassidy: I'd had a few drinks. I was just depressed.
Fitz: What about?
Nigel Cassidy: The exchange rate mechanism.

Nigel Cassidy: I marked books. I jogged. And then I marked some more books.

DS Jimmy Beck: Explain the fibres on your watch.
Nigel Cassidy: I've no need to explain anything.
DS Jimmy Beck: They prove that sometime between five o'clock and the time of his death. You touched him! Did more than touch him! Oh, for a commoner garden rapist, them I can understand! But sick bastards like you shoving bits of metal into young kids! What kind of hobby is that, huh?
Fitz: You're going too far. Homophobia. It's got more than two syllables, so you won't understand.
DS Jimmy Beck: What kind of possible pleasure can you get out of that?
Fitz: Homophobia, a morbid fear of homosexuality.
DS Jimmy Beck: [to Fitz] Look, I know what "Fiztophobia" is, a morbid fear who talk through their ass! Just stay out of this!
Fitz: You were about fourteen when you came here, right?
DS Jimmy Beck: [Pointing to Cassidy] That's the suspect!
Fitz: New boy in school. Difficult age to make friends. The girls would talk to you. A new face, girls like that, but the boys...
DS Jimmy Beck: [to Cassidy] We've got clout. When we bang you up, you're gonna be begging for section 43. A bit of protection.
Nigel Cassidy: I don't want protection.
Fitz: The boys ignored you, didn't they, Beck?
DS Jimmy Beck: [Ignoring Fitz] You think the screws are gonna give you protection? Are they shite!
Nigel Cassidy: I don't want it.
Fitz: [to Beck] One boy in particular. You wanted to be near him, you wanted to hold him, and touch him. It bothered you.
DS Jimmy Beck: [Still ignoring Fitz] Those screws have got kids of their own. They're gonna leave your cell door open, they're gonna turn their back, then the lads'll be in, and they won't be there to shake your hand. Do you know what I'm saying?
Fitz: [to Beck] You thought you were gay.
DS Jimmy Beck: [to Fitz] Will you shut it?
Fitz: You loved that boy.
DS Jimmy Beck: You are talking crap!
Fitz: It kept you awake at night. "Am I queer? Am I queer? The girls talk to me, they must see it in me. The boys ignore me. I'll prove I'm not queer." How do you prove you're not queer? You pick a fight. Who do you fight? Whose face do you smash to a pulp? The boy you loved.
DS Jimmy Beck: Bollocks!
[to Cassidy]
DS Jimmy Beck: He's done this before. He looks in there...
[Points to Fitz's chest]
DS Jimmy Beck: and in there...
[Points to Fitz's head]
DS Jimmy Beck: something sick, something twisted. And because HE'S felt it, because HE'S thought it, he thinks we all have. But we haven't. Some of us are normal!
Fitz: [Sarcastically] Ha!

"Cracker: One Day a Lemming Will Fly: Part 1 (#1.6)" (1993)
[Cassidy threatens to kill himself]
Fitz: What's your first name, by the way?
Nigel Cassidy: It's Nigel.
Fitz: Nigel. God, I'd be suicidal.